Tri-Cat: Blue Sky Boatworks Goes Big!

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Blue Sky Boatworks is going big with their new Tri-Cat, giving tandem a brand new meaning on the water.

Tri-Cat: Blue Sky Boatworks Keeps Momentum, Goes Big

SPARTA, TENN. — Marking its third product introduction of 2018, Blue Sky Boatworks will unveil the Tri-Cat at its booth 802 during Paddlesports Retailer in Oklahoma City, August 27. A trimaran whose generous deck accommodates a wide range of outfitting and propulsion options, the Tri-Cat will appeal to families, resorts, anglers and adventurers who want to leave nothing behind.

The new Tri-Cat features side-by-side, fully adjustable seating and loads of deck space for cooler, gear, the kids … just about whatever your plans demand. Three sleek hulls secured to a marine-grade aluminum frame decked with cushy high-density foam make for a comfortable ride. An optional Bimini top adds to the all-day comfort.


“This new member of the family differs from the 360° Angler that recently won Best Watercraft at iCast in several important ways,” said Jameson Redding, brand manager for Blue Sky Boatworks. “The third hull, of course, amplifies what was already the most stable craft in its class; an 80” beam makes the Tri-Cat virtually unflippable. The integrated wheel system is inboard on this model, for unobstructed docking. And the cabling for rudder control is routed through the hull, for a cleaner deck and full turn swivel on the seats.”

Where the Tri-Cat doesn’t deviate is in its portability, according to Redding. “In some ways, this larger personal craft is even easier to transport than the Angler 360,” he said. “Most will want to trailer the Tri-Cat. But when circumstances require getting it from here to there in a pickup truck, we kept it simple. Pop off the two outriggers and slide the center hull with frame attached right into the bed; the two outriggers ride on top.”
On water, you have multiple options for driving the Tri-Cat. Standard outfitting includes twin FlexDriveTM pedal systems. BSB’s new E-Drive System gives you an electric option; you can choose to go with one electric and one pedal or opt for two E-Drives and cruise fully electric. Got a nice wind? Unfurl the optional dual sail rig.

While the Tri-Cat was designed primarily for the family and resort segments, anglers and serious adventurers will find a versatile platform they can adapt to their pursuits. Ample gear tracks and a beefy luggage rack offer beaucoup customizing/modding options.
The Tri-Cat will begin shipping this fall with the base model priced at $5,499.

About Blue Sky Boatworks:

A new brand developed by a team from Jackson Kayak, Blue Sky Boatworks is an entirely new line of multi-hull watercraft that takes comfort, ease of propulsion and stand-up stability to new levels. Launched in 2018 with three models — the 360° Angler, 360° Escape and Tri-Cat — BSB craft ride on sleek hulls and feature a patent-pending, full-turning luxury seat, patented FlexDrive pedal-drive system (with lithium ion-powered E-Drive also available) and a generous platform for full-circle casting from any angle. These super-stable craft offer easy access from the beach or dock, and open a world of possibilities for those who seek more than current kayaks offer. Blue Sky Boatworks are built at Jackson Kayaks’ plant in Sparta, Tennessee.

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