Tools of the Trade: Kayak Fishing Essentials

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Every professional has their special tools of the trade, tools that they deem most important when out on the “job”. Kayak anglers are no different, and I most certainly am no different in that regard. I personally have my own special tools of the trade that I don’t hit the water without.
When it comes to the gear we carry, we kayak anglers are a fickle bunch. To be quite honest, we’re a tad hard-headed. But, we like what we like, and we want what we want. I’m the perfect example of this when it comes to kayak fishing. There are certain things that I have to have on my kayak when I hit the water, pure and simple. Here’s some of my “tools of the trade” when I’m on the water.

Cuda 7.5″ Aluminum Alloy Plier with Side Cutter


Probably the most important of the tools of the trade is simply a great pair of fishing pliers. Fishing pliers are the kayak angler’s multi-tool, being used for a variety of functions. I never get out on the water without my Cuda pliers, plain and simple. They’re used to retie lures, cut line, dehook a fish, and so much more. The Cuda 7.5″ aluminum alloy plier has an integrated side cutter which makes cutting braid, mono, or fluorocarbon a breeze. The handles fit perfectly in your hand every time and are very ergonomic. They come with a lanyard and sheath, which means they’re always secure and ready to do their job.

Cuda Grip & Scale – Fish Scale

I predominantly fish inshore saltwater. Pretty much all saltwater fish have teeth, so I typically prefer not to lip a redfish, trout, or a flounder. On my kayak at all times is the Cuda grip & scale. This tool allows me to safely land a fish and hold it while removing my hook or jighead without causing harm to the fish or myself. Another great feature of the grip & scale is it gives me the ability to weigh a fish up to 50lbs. This feature comes in handy when fishing “weight” tournaments. The Cuda grip & scale has an aluminum alloy structure, and also has Cuda’s non-slip scale pattern grip giving you that extra comfort and knowledge that the grip won’t slip out of your hand, even when wet. The Cuda grip & scale also has a visible full-tang construction and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cuda 9” Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Freshwater Pistol Grip Pliers

Now I know that I fished inshore saltwater mostly, and these pliers are rated for freshwater, but these are great for having an extra set of pliers on the kayak. I take great care in taking care of these pliers as I don’t want the corrosiveness of the saltwater to ruin them, but they’re absolutely great for removing hard to reach hooks that have been swallowed by a fish. These Cuda 9” Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Freshwater Pistol Grip Pliers feature an integrated crimper and long nose for removing hooks. The full tang carbon steel construction is visible through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip grips. Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Blades that are three times harder than steel making blades and stay sharper longer.

Cuda 3″ Titanium Bonded Net Knife with Sheath

Every angler needs a good bait knife while out on the water, this is quintessential for tools of the trade. I absolutely love this knife. It’s perfect for cutting net or simply using as a bait knife. This knife features a serrated edge and includes a sheath. With German 4116 corrosion resistant stainless steel and full tang construction that stays sharper longer. The handle features Cuda’s scale non-slip pattern which means it will fit perfectly in your hand and won’t slip on you. This knife fits easily in my tackle box or my kayak crate.

Cuda Personal First Aid Kit

The last item in my tools of the trade is simply a quality first aid kit. If you’re anything like me, then Murphy’s Law is gonna rear his ugly head at some point during a kayak fishing trip. Whether it’s cut my finger chunking up bait, or simply getting a hook snag on my finger, having a quality first aid kit can help take care of any boo-boos that take place out on the water. The Cuda first aid kit is small and compact but filled with first aid gear to keep you on the water. Plus, the Cuda first aid kit won’t take up a lot of room in your kayak crate!



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