Thanksgiving Weekend Chasing Some Fish

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Thanksgiving is literally one of my most favorite holidays of the year. For one, we’re guaranteed a 4 day weekend and who can argue against that! Mostly, it’s a true testament that Fall is definitely upon us and the fishing is always better in the Fall here in Northeast Florida.


Of course, there are other reasons that I enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday… We always spend it with family, and my wife always cooks cornbread dressing (my mama’s recipe!). It’s a guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to sit around the table with family enjoying each other’s company. Don’t forget that there’s always football on TV to enjoy while you fight the turkey induced coma that is lying in wait to put you to sleep. But, the one thing I always love about Thanksgiving is that I’m guaranteed to get to spend some time out on the water. Something that has definitely been lacking in my life as of late. Truth be told, it had been about 2 months since I’d last hit the water chasing redfish.


As luck would have it, the kids were spending a couple of days with grandma over the Thanksgiving holiday, so that meant the wife and I would be able to finally spend some time together enjoying our passion of kayak fishing and hunting for redfish. For those of you with kids, you definitely know the difficulty with finding time away from the kiddos to spend time with your significant other. It had been 6 months since we’d both been able to get away together, and we were going to take full advantage of this opportunity. Heck, I was so excited I spent a few hours getting everything rigged up and ready for our Saturday morning “fishing date”.


Saturday morning hit, and we didn’t waste any time getting in the truck to head to the water. I had all of our Okuma Fishing and St Croix rods rigged up and ready, PFD’s in the truck, all my cameras charged up, and 2 Kaku Kayak Wahoo’s loaded up and ready. We hit the water at around 9am, and started paddling to our first fishing spot. We pulled up and while there was movement, nothing was eating anything we were throwing. It seemed to follow suit for a couple more spots, then we finally hit pay dirt. Right off the bat, my first 3 casts landed small redfish. Then Kaycee got in on the action, and started catching a couple of redfish herself. Then we got into some small croakers and a small trout.


When things slowed down, we decided to head to another spot that had always produced at low tide. My initial plan of doing a big loop around the creek was dashed with the tide running out faster than we’d expected, so we had to backtrack a good bit. We were going to work a dock that usually produced great fish, but upon getting close, we noticed someone else had the same idea. We decided to push back and fish an area that I hadn’t fished since early in the year. Kaycee’s first cast was a small redfish, and we both perked up in hopes of the day going from great to epic. It seemed the Fish Gods were having some fun with us, because it got pretty quiet for a little bit. I told Kaycee that we needed the chill as the tide would soon start coming back in. My gut had been telling me for several days that it was going to turn on and the bite would be hot in that spot.


It was like a light switch was being turned on. All of a sudden, Kaycee’s rod doubled over and we both knew it was a quality redfish. I quickly went to grab my GoPro to catch the moment on video when my rod doubled over. It literally went like this for the next hour or so. Each cast was a quality redfish, with almost every fish being in the slot. We had a couple of small reds mixed in, and Kaycee landed a stud redfish that was 27.5″ and boy was it a thick redfish!


We fished as long as the daylight would allow us. 8 hours on the water and we were both pooped. We had to leave them biting as we had to paddle a few miles back in, and the sun was setting pretty quickly. As we made our way back to the launch to load up and head home, we both couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear with the great day that we’d just had on the water. We’re both already working the calendar and hitting up the grandparents for babysitting duty so we can get back out on the water again.

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  1. JD Desrsoiers says:

    Nice brother, glad you guys had a great date on the water. I cannot wait to get down there w you guys

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