Tailin Toads – Fingerless Gloves

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In this day and age, we’re always trying to protect ourselves as much as possible, and that doesn’t end when loading up your yak to hit your favorite fishing spot.  There’s an array of UV protecting clothing available to kayak anglers from pants, shorts, shirts, face shields, and gloves.  Protecting your body, face, neck, and hands from the powerful rays of the sun should be of the utmost importance when kayak fishing, or simply being out on the water.  I always wear a buff or a face shield when I’m out on the water, but finding a comfortable pair of gloves was always an issue.  Gloves are essentially one of the most important pieces of protective equipment when we’re out on the water, as our hands are always exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially as it bounces off the water.  My problem with gloves were they were either too thin, too bulky and thick, or the fingered parts simply unraveled and that simply created a whole new set of issues.  Manny Aldrich Altman of Jacksonville, FL found a way to eliminate those issues with gloves with her invention of the Tailin Toads.  These are simply some of the best gloves that I’ve used while fishing out of my kayak.  Extremely comfortable, breathable which is important during those hot summer days, quick drying, and odor resistant.  Most importantly, is they offer SPF 50 UV protection!  Issues with wearing fingered gloves on the water?  Tailin Toads are fingerless, which keeps your fingers free, and no more worry about those fingers becoming unraveled.  Tailin Toads also come in a variety of colors and design patterns, including your favorite fish species.  They also offer many other accessories to make your angling life that much better!  Check them out for more information at www.tailintoads.com.


Tailin Toads – Fingerless Gloves6634672[1]

  • quick drying
  • breathable
  • odor resistant
  • ergonomically shaped for comfort and performance
  • made in the USA
  • MSRP: $20


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