Swivel Stick Kayak Anchoring System

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The Swivel Stick kayak anchoring system was developed by two friends over breakfast. The initial design was written on a napkin. It’s amazing how ideas come to fruition, but 2 friends brainstorming is normally the best recipe. Fast forward a little while, and we’ve got a finished product. Swivel Stick gives the angler a whole new sense of anchoring and stability. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Swivel Stick and were quite impressed with the quality and the ability it had on the water.


Swivel Stick

Swivel Stick

Lucas Cesario and Michael Malle are the founders and owners of Swivel Stick. You only have to spend a minute with these guys and immediately you realize that they are super passionate about their product. As stated before, they wanted a kayak anchoring system that would surpass everything that kayak anglers had come to know. Stability, combined with ease, but giving the kayak angler the ability to anchor up and stay in the direction that they wanted to fish.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had my doubts about the Swivel Stick. I’d been accustomed to the anchor trolley and stake out pole and had used this style of kayak anchoring for years. Lucas and Mike assured me that I’d love the way the Swivel Stick performed so we met up and started rigging my Old Town Predator MX. Lucas moved effortlessly with rigging up the Swivel Stick on each side of my Predator MX kayak. Not only did he rig up the system, but he explained everything as he went along, giving me some great insight on how everything worked.

Of course, once the rigging had been completed, testing had to happen, and if you’re going to be on the water, well… you might as well be fishing right? We hit the water early the next morning, and started heading down my favorite creek. I decided I was going to test the Swivel Stick anchoring system out right off the bat, positioning myself just off an oyster mound. Now, I’d just seen a red cruising around this oyster mound, putting up one heck of a wake, so I pitched my lure over. I’d not quite set up one side of the Swivel Stick, and saw the boil, so I tossed my lure over… I hadn’t even as much as closed the bail on my reel, and bam, fish on! After a decent fight, I landed a chunky 27″ redfish, and the one side of the anchor held strong. “Testing” was off to a great start, but I still wanted to put the Swivel Stick through the motions.

We heading back to my honey hole and I staked myself out in about 6″ of water. It was very easy to deploy both sides of the Swivel Stick on my kayak, and I was impressed with the ease and quickness. You don’t jam the stake out pole into the ground as you would with your traditional SOP, but simply set them up and a rocking motion locks them down into the ground. We sat in that same spot the rest of the morning as the tide came in. We started out sitting in about 6″ of water and by the time we’d decided to call it a day, we were sitting in about 4′ of water. The whole time we were fishing and landing redfish after redfish as the water rose. I didn’t move a single inch, even with all of the up and down of fighting fish and landing fish.

Like I’d stated before, I started off somewhat skeptical, but after that first experience, I’m now a true believer. The Swivel Stick anchor system is definitely a well thought out, and well executed product which will give the angler a new experience on the water. The price point on the Swivel Stick is a little high at $249 each set up. My opinion is it’s well worth it considering the capabilities and materials which compose the anchor system. If you’re interested in learning more about the Swivel Stick, shoot them a message or check them out on the Swivel Stick Facebook page.

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