Swimming with Mahi

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“Swimming with Mahi” is a great story shared with us from Brandon Barton of Florida. We at Yak Outlaws are always excited to receive reader submitted stories of their epic fishing trips out on their kayaks or SUP’s.  Brandon Barton was kind enough to share with us a one of a kind fishing story of his epic battle with a Dorado, or Mahi.  Here’s Brandon’s story of “Swimming with Mahi”.

The offshore Mahi bite had been on fire for a few weeks down in the Florida Panhandle. Brandon Barton and Jason Downs had planned an early launch off Navarre Beach for a little offshore kayak fishing action. When they arrived, a big storm to the south was putting on a awesome but worrisome lightning show. The good thing about Florida though is that  if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes. As the sun began to rise, the storm moved farther offshore and they were able to hit the water. Little did they know that they’d soon be swimming with Mahi. They quickly sabiki’d up live bait, rigged up and began their troll. The better part of the morning was slow, but they were able to land a small king and a nice Spanish mackerel.

Spanish caught on the Troll

Spanish caught on the Troll

Around noon the wind shifted and the bite began to finally pick up. Brandon was able to hook up and land a decent kingfish.

Brandon's King

Brandon’s King

Right after Brandon landed his king, Jason spotted a big black fin tuna sky on some bait. The adrenaline really started pumping when they noticed a school of Ballyhoo with dolphin, or Mahi, heading directly at them. Brandon immediately threw a waxwing lure. A Mahi went airborne on the lure, but missed the hook. He reeled back in and stood up to get a better vantage point for his next cast. He spotted a few chicken dolphin swimming by his yak and casted and got hooked up this time. He went to sit back down for the fight and completely misses his yak and falls off. He was now swimming with Mahi!

Brandon misses the seat and takes a dip.

Brandon misses the seat and takes a dip.

Somehow he still hooked up and fighting the fish yak side. Brandon managed to get back in his Hobie Outback and gaff the Mahi. He didn’t lose a thing and managed to cool off for a minute. He also captured the whole adventure on his GoPro. For a full video of Brandon swimming with Mahi Click here.  Brandon also had his PFD on along with a VHF radio in case the situation had gone wrong.

The one that ALMOST got away.

The one that ALMOST got away.


For more of Brandon Barton’s videos and pictures check out his YouTube channel here and Instagram here.

We can’t thank Brandon enough for sharing his story of swimming with Mahi with us at Yak Outlaws.  If you have a great fishing trip story that you’d like to share, shoot it on over to us.  We love hearing stories from the fans of Yak Outlaws.

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