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Surf Expo SUPs will focus on the new Stand Up Paddleboards available for the avid angler.  We recently attended the Surf Expo show in Orlando, Florida to check out what’s new for the SUP fishing community.  SUP angling is a fast growing sport, and we witnessed several fishing specific SUPs while attending the Expo and learned an immense amount about the new and upcoming Surf Expo Sups. Here’s our thoughts and information on the new boards coming soon.

Surf Expo SUPs

One of the more alluring aspects of SUP angling is it allows the angler to follow a more minimalistic approach to fishing, and there doesn’t necessarily need to be a “fishing SUP”.  We spent time with many of the representatives while focusing on Surf Expo SUPs, and explained the ins and outs of SUP angling.  We were asked by many if the SUP needs to be designed specifically for fishing, and we replied that all you need to realistically fish from a Stand Up Paddleboard is a fishing rod.  Some venture a little further and add a cooler with which to sit from, and possibly a suction cup mount for a camera or rod holder.  Pretty simplistic approach, right?  Here’s a look at the Surf Expo SUPs.

Live Watersports


L2Fish from Live Watersports

A fishing specific SUP that really caught our eye while looking for Surf Expo SUPs was from Live Watersports. There’s a new force to be reckoned with in the world of SUP angling, and that comes from Live Watersports.  Based out of Florida, Live Watersports introduced their L2Fish, or Live 2 Fish angling SUP.  This unique design offers amazing stability, but also doesn’t skim out in the speed department.  The features are amazing on this SUP as Live Watersports has teamed up with the newly formed arm from kayak rigging specialists and manufacturer, YakAttack, bringing top of the line rigging ability to the L2Fish with an array of slide tracks to add pretty much any ad every accessory that an angler would need or want. This SUP will be available soon to dealers, and we expect it to be a fishing machine.


BOTE Boards


Rackham SUP from Bote Boards

Bote Boards is synonymous with SUP angling, and they continue to bring new and improved fishing SUPs to the forefront.  Obviously when we initially thought of Surf Expo SUPs, Bote was first in our minds. The newest addition to the Bote Boards family is the Rackham.  Sleek design, but still stable enough to land your next trophy SUP fish  Bote has a nice array of color choices, and this SUP looks like it was made for the water. Unique features include a paddle stow slot, tackle storage, and 2 stake out pole thru holes making anchoring much more easier, and is Power Pole Micro compatible. The Rackham combines the features of the Ahab 14 but in a smaller 12′ frame, meaning smoother paddling and maneuverability for the SUP angler. We cannot wait to test the Rackham angling SUP on the water chasing redfish.

  • Dimensions: 12′ x 32″ x 7″
  • Weight: 41lbs
  • Core: EPS Foam Core
  • Stringer: Laminate Stringer
  • Capacity: 400lbs
  • MSRP: $2200-$2300


BIC Sports


BIC SUP Cross SUP rigged for fishing

Bic Sports also has some SUPs dedicated to fishing and/or recreational use.  We visited with them while checking out the Surf Expo SUPs, and really liked the Cross SUP.  This is an all-around SUP with rigging points perfect for adding rod holders, cooler, BlackPac, and/or camera mounts for your next SUP angling adventure.  The Ace-Tech 11′ Cross SUP Adventure is a perfect vessel for those looking to get into the sport of SUP angling.  At 11′ long with a width of 34″ and a weight of only 34lbs, this SUP is light and durable. The recommended max weight for this SUP is 285lbs, meaning just about anyone can fish off of this board.


Rave Sports


Lake Cruiser 11’6″ SUP from Rave Sports

A relatively new company to us was Rave Sports.  We spent some extensive time speaking with a representative from Rave Sports while scoping out the Surf Expo SUPs, focusing on the fishing aspect of SUPs.  At one point, we were asked what truly makes a fishing SUP.  We replied in earnest that the SUP is merely a vessel, and technically any SUP can be turned into a fishing specific vessel.  In all reality, an angler could take any SUP, throw on a cooler for seating and storage, and grab their favorite fly rod or fishing rod and they can now fish from the board. We focused our attention on the Rave Sports Lake Cruiser series of SUPs.  These are colorful and great looking boards, and like we stated previously, all you need is your fishing rod to fish from the Lake Cruiser.




Mistral Red Dot Crossover 11’6″ SUP

While we had a lot of fun playing with the Mistral BIGSUP, what really caught our eyes with the Surf Expo SUPs was the Mistral 11’6″ Red Dot-Evolution.  With a weight capacity of over 500lbs, this SUP is perfect for the beginner as well as someone looking to carry some gear.  The Red Dot – Evolution is considered the star of the Red Dot family of Mistral SUPs.  It offers great stability, tracking, maneuverability, and speed while offering the most in stability. The Evolution 11’6” is the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions over flat-water, and very comfortable for heavy paddlers wanting a stable board.  This board also has attachment points making it easy to install rod holders, camera mounts, etc for the adventurous angler.

  • Length: 11’6″
  • Width: 33″
  • Weight: 34.6 pounds
  • Capacity: over 500lbs
  • MSRP: $999.00


As you can see there were many options available from the Surf Expo SUPs.  SUP angling is a growing sport, and many anglers are combing SUP angling to their arsenal of kayak angling.  A SUP gives an angler a new way to get out on the water, and become a bit more adventurous while chasing their favorite species of fish.  Trust us when we say, SUP angling is a great addiction.  If you’re looking to expand your horizons and test your angling skills, then test out a SUP, and get out on the water. Hopefully Surf Expo SUPs will guide you in choosing your next or first Stand Up Paddleboard.





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