Sun Down…Fish On!

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When the sun goes down in Texas on a calm, cool night in early November, most people around these parts are packed away deep in the woods awaiting the chance to lay down that wall-hanging whitetail buck the next morning or they could be sitting around the campfire swapping wise tales and chugging down ‘cold ones’.  Well, not everyone–A couple ‘Saltwater Boys’ of the Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club (SWBKFC) saw this as the perfect opportunity to catch a good ‘ole fashioned sleigh ride courtesy of Mr. Red!

With the help of my SuperNova Deluxe Lighting Kit and the full moon as our guide, a good buddy and proud member of the SWBKFC, Colt Westbrook, and myself set sail from launch at around 11pm to cross the dreaded ‘Channel’.  This would be the first time I would brave these waters after sundown in a kayak.


ready to launch all lit up


SuperNova lights on the water


Now this was not my first night trip, but this was the first time we were going to try and push across this body of water which, as a crow flies, would be about a mile paddle…..Or should I say Peddle!  Colt and I are both fishing out of a Hobie Pro Angler 14, and needless to say, for trips like these, thank the good Lord for the Mirage Drive!  I’m not sure how tiring it would be the paddle across, but I’m sure in the right boat, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Before we even arrived at the first set of lights we set out for, we could hear the Redfish busting bait, so we knew we would be in for a treat….Insert ‘stealth’ mode.  Within a minute or two, Colt was hooked up off he went into the night on a free 8 second ride.  It’s a lovely thing in the still of the night to hear that reel singing to you as your buddy fades away into the dark.  Judging by the wake of his yak, I knew this fish was going to be big, and sure enough after about 10 minutes he lands a solid 15+ pound Bull Red.  We snapped a couple pics and sent him on his way to fight another round.  Now it was my turn, and after repositioning towards the light, I prepped my Chickenboy Lure and within 3 seconds of hitting the water…Boom….Fish On!  Now I’m always jumping at the chance to grab a ‘Sleigh Ride’, but not being in control as you drift off to parts unknown in the still of the night is a very uneasy feeling, especially with the thought of an unforgiving barge raining in on the parade.  From the impact of hook-up, I knew this was a solid fish, and I was going to put my new medium-fast BillyStix Custom Rod to the test and after battling back and forth with this beast for about 10-15 minutes, I was extremely proud to land my PB bull red from my kayak!  He probably measured in the neighborhood of 40-45″ and weighed in around 25 pounds on the Boga Grips.


Colt with a nice 15+ lb redfish


PB redfish (over 25lbs)


After fighting a couple more of these bad boys, I had completely forgotten about the temps plummeting into the low 40’s.  Funny how a couple of hook-ups can make you forget about even the worst conditions.  We finished the night with about a dozen Reds between us.  All of them were released to fight another day.  All in all it was a terrific night of adventure, and after making it safely back to shore at around 2:00-2:30 a.m., I knew it was going to be a loooooong trip home!

IMG_0860           IMG_0893           IMG_0897

Putting it to the Test                                ChickenBoy Lures Strikes Again           Mr. Red Catching a lil R&R

IMG_0883                     IMG_0886

Another one for the photo album                                       Not the same ‘I promise’ 🙂 (spots never lie)


Stay Safe,

Brent Louviere

SWBKFC Co-Founder

“Saltwater Heals Everything”

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