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One of the easiest gifts to purchase when it comes to anglers is simply stocking stuffers. My kids have always had a tradition of filling my stocking with Bass Assassin fishing lures every Christmas, and I absolutely love it! Every angler loves getting new lures, so why not make it easy and fill those stockings with a ton of new lures. Besides, it’s a great idea for the little kiddos to show dad some love this Christmas.There are several reasons why I simply love Bass Assassin lures. First, it doesn’t matter if you’re a saltwater angler or a freshwater angler, Bass Assassin will have what you need to catch that next trophy fish. Of course, it never hurts that the owners of Bass Assassin are some of the most endearing and amazing people that you will meet in the fishing industry. Here are just a few stocking stuffer ideas to fill that stocking with joy for your favorite angler.

Worm- 6″, 7.5″, 8″, & 11″


These incredible Bass Catchers are available in up to three-color combinations. They have a soft texture and have a fairly buoyant body for great worm fishing! MSRP: $4.49

6″ – 15 Count
7.5″ – 15 Count
8″ – 12 Count
11″ – 10 Count

HPC- (Heavy Punch Craw) 4″

Built for pairing with heavy punching gear, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw (HPC) delivers a bite-inducing craw imitation that is right-at-home underneath matted vegetation. Designed with a round, ribbed construction, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw provides more-than-enough body to accommodate larger gauge hooks. At the top, the Heavy Punch Craw (HPC) is shaped with a pyramid-like taper that snugs nicely against concave punch weights.

Delivering multi-dimensional attraction, featuring two large, flailing claws that move plenty of water and are built to accommodate a rattle. Infused with a heavy dose of our BANG scent, the HPC tempts fish with a mouthwatering aroma right out of the package. Offered in a number of classic bass colors, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw provides everything anglers need to dive into the slop and wrestle big bass into the boat. 6 ct. per bag MSRP: $5.19

Boss Shiner – 4.7″

This amazing piece of plastic can be fished in many different ways but the outcome is always fish on! Swim it in deep water for those big bass that hang out around the drop offs. Fish it in the flats over grass to bring those big ones up! You have to see the action to believe it. The oversized tail gives it a lot of movement in the water and the rings on the body displace even more water- it’s ringing the dinner bell! Try these on our new 5/0 weighted Swim Hooks for the ultimate fish catching combo! MSRP: $5.48

Length: 4.7″
5 count per bag

Curly Shad – 4″ Saltwater

The 4 inch Curly Shad has the same body design as the Shad Assassin, including the unique slit in the belly, with a curl tail that acts like a rudder that steers the bait into a circular fall that fish love! 10 Count MSRP: $4.99

Salty Snack

3 plastic 5″ Salty Snack bodies with a 5/0 wide gap hook enclosed in package.

The 5″ Salty Snack is specially designed for trophy speckled trout. Rigged on the included hook, Salty Snack descends slowly in horizontal orientation, imitating a live baitfish like no other. The ribbed body telegraphs subtle fish-attracting vibration for greater appeal to specks looking for an easy meal in cold water. The single weedless style worm hook not only allows the Salty Snack to be presented through bottom grass and shell, it greatly reduces the possibility of fish injury associated with treble hooks. Perfect for CPR! MSRP: $6.89

Red Daddy Spinner

Red Daddy Jig Spinner Combo

Our premium version of the Jig Spinner features our 4″ Sea Shads rigged on our 1/4 oz Gold Jighead. Our Sea Shads are proven to catch more trout and redfish, and combined with this new spinner it is an unbeatable combination! 2 Count MSRP: $4.79

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