SPRO Debuts Quality Tools Of The Trade

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Having quality tools while on the water is a must for any angler. SPRO has long been known for quality fishing lures, but now enters the fishing tool market with new pliers and fish grips.

The most used tools of many anglers on the water is a quality pair of fishing pliers and a good pair of fish grips. Pliers are used to cut fishing line when rigging lures and aiding in removing a hook from the fish’s mouth. Fish grips especially come in handy when landing toothy saltwater fish.


Kennesaw, Georgia – Made of stainless steel to ward off corrosion and rust, SPRO’s heavy-duty pliers will become the tool you reach for whether you’re an avid salt or freshwater angler. 

The SPRO Stainless Steel Pliers have precise crimping jaws to fit various sizes of sleeves. The precision split ring feature on the needle nose tool makes changing or replacing split rings easy and averts broken nails. The multi-tasking jaws on the pliers are able to cut braid, mono or fluorocarbon. Milled to fine tolerances on a CNC machine, the handles on the SPRO pliers have a PTE coating that ensures a non-slip grip. The SPRO pliers are available with bright green colored handles and in 6- and 7.5-inch lengths.  


SPRO Pliers Features:

  • Crimping Tool 
  • Split Ring Pliers 
  • PTFE Coating
  • Braid Cutter
  • Non-Slip Grip

The 9-inch Fish Gripper has secure, locking jaws to make sure fish aren’t released until you want them to be. The SPRO Fish Gripper is an indispensable tool for taking memorable images and facilitates a quick-release so the fish can fight another day. The quick release feature is enhanced by a trigger release. A handy, included lanyard means the SPRO Fish Gripper will be right where you need it when you need it.  


SPRO Fish Gripper Features:

  • Secure Locking Jaws
  • Adjustable Lanyard 
  • Trigger Release

For more information, visit www.spro.com

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