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This year 13Fishing is introducing an entire new category of product for anglers to enjoy… 

Bringing the same level of innovation and design we are known for with rods and reels, our new soft bait line up has been put together for the sole purpose of giving the angler the ultimate presentation.

soft bait

Whether looking for the big bite or a reaction strike, the Big Squirm gets their attention. The Max Buoyancy tail creates vibration while floating up to beckon in bass from long distances. The large profile and ribbed body for fish sensory pleasure make this design a must have for explosive days on the water. Infused with Donkey Sauce so bass can savor the flavor.

Bite size is the right size. Vertigo Minnow is neutrally balanced for the best buoyancy which will have fish in suspense. Twitch and pause or steadily retrieve and Vertigo will entice the most discerning predator. The supple presentation is due to the premium American sourced plastic material. Let ‘em lick it with the Infused Donkey sauce enzyme to provide the ultimate taste of success.

soft bait

Maintain your place on top of the food chain, My Name’s Jeff is a hollow body floating swim bait. A floating chamber is perfect for inserting a rattle. Subtle paddle on the action is attributed to the USA sourced plastic material which makes this lure supple to create the alluring paddle presentation. As always, this bait is poured with Donkey Sauce in its veins in order to add that bit of extra enticement to its presentation.

Nothing is more reliable than your B.F.F. A tail high floating presentation creates the ideal profile for rearmost waggle enhancement. Both durable and attractive, this attractive ally will always be there when you need it. The prevailing musk you may notice is called Donkey Sauce which has been infused into the B.F.F. to enhance the presentation.

soft bait

The Churro’s joint design gives it flutter on the pause and an easily generated tail kick. Hex-Keel body construction provides the ultimate hydrodynamic stability. Paused or retrieved steadily, the Churro will have unmatched presence enticing the proper nibble. Infused with the smell of success known as Donkey Sauce so that bass can savor the flavor.

The Ninja Craw’s chopping action creates a rhythmic beat drawing attention from a distance. The slightest movement activates the thumping claws. Pausing brings the claws to life as they rise in defense posture. Swim it or hop it, the Ninja Craw presents an ideal bite to be devoured. This craw, as all of our plastics, has been given the secret sauce of Donkey Sauce.

soft bait

The Ninja Worm’s slender body slips into cover anywhere while the floating plastic design keeps the tail up in surrender to lurking predators. The slightest movement sends shock waves from the tail into water to pull in fish targeting easy prey. While swimming the action has a thrashing paddle that can bring fish from cover. Infused with Donkey sauce giving fish the full sensory bombardment.

Slide through cover. The Invader’s floating plastic design allows it to assume a defensive position which challenges predators to exert their dominance. Both durable and enticing, the imposing nugget is an unwanted guest. A durable and supple presentation ensures no fish will allow it into its lair. Infused with Donkey Sauce so bass can savor the flavor.

The Wobble Craw scurries as a convulsive prey with an erratic action. An easily edible target, the claws and body produce captivating thumps, signaling the correct time to feed for crustacean feeding monsters. As always, this bait is poured with Donkey Sauce coursing through its veins in order to add that bit of extra flavor.

soft bait

Appealing to the visual senses, The Jerk triggers animated feeding with all of the erratic action fish hate. With versatile coverage of the water column, it darts, shutters, scampers, flickers, and shivers while adding a unique suspending characteristic to a pause. Infused with Donkey Sauce so bass can savor the flavor.

soft bait

With the nose down, the Joy Stick Worm hovers and pulses to send out temptation while the Rabbit Ears send out sultry vibrations. Luring in fish with vigorous intentions that have never seen anything like it. Deliver the Donkey Sauce infused perpetrator through, over, or swimming it to cover larger areas and distribute the success.

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