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On Saturday, March 22nd, Yak Outlaws members Tony Hart and Buddy Freeman were engrossed in putting together the 2014 Inshore Xtreme Challenge kayak fishing tournament.  Saturday was tournament day, and while the captain’s meeting had taken a lot out of them with setup, etc., they’d decided to take advantage of the amazing weather since all the tournament participants were out fishing too by sneakin’ out for some fishing time themselves.  Of course, they’d decided to take a more leisurely pace and waited until around 9am to launch their kayaks.  After a quick stop at the local bait and tackle store, Tony and Buddy launched their Predator MX and Native Slayer 12 kayaks at Browns Creek.


Taking a very relaxed paddle back to their fishing spot, they met several anglers out on the water who were fishing the tournament doing fairly well catching fish.  Low tide was around 9am, so there was plenty of time to get back to the “secret spot” to wrangle with some redfish.  The weather was perfect for tournament day; slightly overcast skies, fairly calm winds, and calm waters.  The only issue was the gnats were horrendous due to the lack of wind to keep them at bay.  On the way back to their fishing spot, they pitched some Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp at a few oyster mounds, but nobody was home.  They then decided to move on back to their redfish spot, and started to immediately start soaking some fresh dead shrimp.  It took a little while for the bite to start, which they both thought to be strange.  Finally, it was fish on, and Tony landed a nice little black drum.  Buddy quickly followed suit and landed a nice little redfish.  The bite was sporadic at best on this day, but they were happy to simply be out on the water and enjoying the morning.


Buddy and Tony both took turns reeling in fish, but the strange thing was, they were fishing the same exact area. All Tony seemed to catch was black drum, and Buddy mostly caught redfish.  Funny how fishing can be sometimes.  They stretched out the morning as much as possible waiting for that last fish to hit their lines, and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as Tony said last cast and we’re out of here, Buddy hooks up with a nice 23″ redfish.  The irony of it all is that Tony specifically said to Buddy, “Watch, I just said last cast in hopes of landing another fish, and it’ll be your line that goes off.” That’s exactly what happened, so perhaps Buddy held the special fishing karma for that day.  They packed it up after landing 4 redfish and 4 black drum, and started paddling back in so they could get everything set up for the judging for the tournament, both enjoying their   little paddle, catching some fish, and enjoying being out on the water.  Nothing like being on the water with close friends, enjoying the outdoors, and catching a few fish.

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