Sliming Up The Kaku Kayak Wahoo Properly

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I’ve had my Wahoo for a little while, a couple of months or so. It had sat in my garage for a couple of weeks without hitting the water. Yes I understand that’s sacrilegious, but the stars simply didn’t line up for me. I needed and wanted an opportunity for sliming up the Wahoo proper like.


I know the cardinal rule is to get on the water as fast as possible once you get a new kayak, aka “toy”. But, as stated before, the stars simply wouldn’t line up in my favor. Between crappy weather and family obligations, then throw in this tournament we’re hosting and there simply wasn’t any free time. I even loaned it out to a family friend who was looking at getting the new Kaku Kayaks Wahoo. Yes I know this is akin to someone drinking a man’s last beer, but I simply love this kayak and knew that they would to. Truth be told, I was a little hesitant at someone else sliming up my new kayak before I had the opportunity, but the Fish Gods were on my side, because after a couple of trips, the Wahoo was still in dire need of a proper sliming.


I got my Wahoo in early December, and she simply sat in the garage. Finally on January 6th, I took her out for a proper sliming. Everything was set up perfectly. She was rigged with my Power Pole Micro, some YakAttack accessories, and geared up with my Okuma Fishing rods and reels. There were blue bird skies, a perfect midday low tide, and just enough of a breeze to keep the gnats at bay. I knew in my heart that a proper sliming was imminent! Oh but the Fish Gods reared their ugly head and said nope, we’re just gonna tease you. I fished all day, but to no proper sized fish. I hit one spot where I’ve always caught redfish only to have one of the largest river otters swim all around completely nixing any chance of a decent fish. I moved to another spot, and just about as I was getting there a pod of porpoises started busting up the water along the bank. I thought to myself, there’s no way today can simply go this way.


My first shot on the water turned out to be a bust, but I found my redemption a couple of weeks later on a cool Friday morning. I hit the water again with a beautiful day as my backdrop. I launched the Wahoo and made a beeline to my favorite redfish hole. I almost stopped to hit a couple of spots along the way, but fought the urge to simply get back to where I’d hoped the reds would be. I get back to my not-s0-secret spot and quickly get set up. Nada.. nothing… zip! Nothing moving, no bait being stirred up, absolutely nothing! I thought to myself, I really must have irked the Fish Gods something fierce. To add insult to injury, I watched an Osprey fly over with a decent trout in its talons.


Then it seemed like a switch was flipped. The tide started turning and coming back in. I caught a small redfish, then another small redfish, then yet another. Well, at least I was catching, but just nothing with any size which would warrant a proper sliming of my Wahoo. Then came the bigger fish. Slot sized redfish, one after the other. I ended up catching 28 redfish total that morning, 19 in the slot and 9 smaller redfish. Finally, I raised my arms in relief of victory. The Kaku Wahoo had finally been properly slimed. I had about a 2 mile paddle back to my launch spot, but as you can imagine, there was a big smile across my face the whole way back. I’m already jonesing for the next trip in my Wahoo for a little more sliming.

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