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Showers Pass was born from the desire to develop clothing and gear that would get more people out on their bikes, no matter the weather. But this technology is definitely effective for many outdoor activities.  Showers Pass have been combining high performance materials with innovative functional design since 1997. Their roots are in high performance waterproof-breathable outerwear, but they have grown to offer a wide range of apparel and unique accessories for anyone who faces the elements.  We recently had the opportunity to test out the waterproof socks and our findings were impressive.

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When we first received the socks, we were unsure about them. They do have a weird weight and feel and at first look, we did not see how they could be comfortable at all. It turns out, the inner lining of the sock is completely different than the outside lining. The outside is mainly nylon and polyester, with the waterproof lining being 100% polyurethane. The inner lining, that hugs your foot, is 81% Coolmax technology making them very comfortable.

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Even though these socks have three layers, they are still very thin and I could still easily wear my Columbia drainmaker shoes, without them feeling snug or uncomfortable. The only thing that I would criticize about the socks, and it may be something that cant be remedied since these are waterproof, is the difficulty getting them on and off. They are very snug, fit like a boot. So just like a boot, I had to have someone help me out of them at the end of the day. They almost have a suction quality to them. Even though the material is waterproof, it is recommended that they are not completely submerged under water. The top of the sock, does create a good seal, but water may still get in and that would cause water to be trapped in the sock.

Waterproof Socks

I would definitely recommend you pick up a pair or two, especially for these cooler months. They will help keep your feet warm and dry, and being a high quality performance material, they will last for a good while. They are available through various websites, but I would recommend getting them straight for the manufacturer at

MSRP is $35.00

Check out Showers Pass’ other available items. All made to stand up to the elements.

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