Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. Introduces Transformer Kits

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Shiflett Fishing Paddle Company has introduced Transformer kits which turns your kayak paddle into a fishing rod! Designed to make your paddle an extra fishing rod, the concept allows the angler to use the paddle to control the craft and catch fish at the same time.Shiflett

Richmond, VA – The Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. announces the launch of Transformer Kits. Designed to attach a universal fishing reel mount and a rod extension or line guide eyelet to any style of paddle, the lightweight device instantly creates a two in one paddle/ fishing system. The Transformer Kit adds fishing functionality to any kayak, canoe, raft or stand up paddleboard paddle- be it wood, carbon fiber, aluminum or fiberglass. (

“There are an estimated two million paddles in use currently in the United States alone,” remarks inventor and company owner Ron Shiflett. “This product was designed to expand the functionality of those paddles into a fully functional fishing systems. An angler can choose to use the Transformer Kit as an additional line in the water, or use it as a standalone- eliminating the need for carrying separate pole altogether. Space is at a premium on a personal watercraft, so having one less thing to carry is a big plus. Since an angler no longer needs to put down their paddle to fish, the Transformer Kit also increases an anglers’ control over their boat and allows them to react instantly to current, wind or other conditions, creating a safer experience. The lifelike action that can be achieved while trolling and paddling simultaneously is also superior to using a separate rod & reel.”

Performance and Portability

Reel Seat Clamp


The Transformer Kit is designed to be a high quality, user friendly fishing system. Made of marine grade materials and engineered to attach and reattach without damage to the paddle shaft, the kit is designed to stand up to heavy use and everything from small freshwater prey to large game fish.

The Pocahontas model consists of a universal reel seat and a line guide eyelet capable of holding up to 90lbs; while the Pro-Predator includes the reel seat and an exchangeable rod extension (coming soon in varying lengths) which can support up to 100lbs. The Pro-Predator’s rod extension gives an angler the same flexibility they’re used to with traditional rod & reel fishing.

Available Now

The Transformer Kits were introduced this week at the Paddlesports Retailer Show in Madison, WI. Pending retail availability, the Transformer Kits are available at:

About the Innovator:

Ron Shiflett, the inventor of The Fishing Paddle, is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys kayaking, surfing, sailing, power boating, water & snow skiing, wakeboarding, skeet shooting, bird hunting, scuba diving, & all forms of fishing.

As a sportsman himself, Ron understands all too well how the quality of your gear can make or break any outdoor experience. He engineered The Fishing Paddle to seamlessly integrate fishing into the personal watercraft experience.

The Shiflett Fishing Paddle is a natural product evolution that simplifies time spent on the water. The Paddle’s ease of use is helping to introduce the joy of fishing to a new generation of anglers.

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