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“It’s that time of year where we unveil our “25 Days of Christmas” gift ideas. Day kicks off with some great sunglasses that any angler would love to own, Smith Optics. JD Desrosiers shares with us how Smith Optics can help you see below the surface, and make your angler a very happy kayaker come Christmas morning.


One of the greatest key features in a fisherman’s arsenal is their sunglasses, not just any old sunglasses but sunglasses that feature Polarized Lenses. These types of lenses are extremely critical to help you see well below the water line. Not only can you see below the surface, but Polarized Lenses can help you see fish, structure, fish beds, grass lines, and other key features. In my opinion there is one company that is a cut above the rest in this market, Smith Optics.

Smith Optics is based out of the beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho area, and was founded by Dr. Bob Smith in 1965. Dr. Smith created the first ever ski goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. The great dentist he was, Mr. Smith would use his sit around the kitchen table creating different versions of his goggles using his dental tools, foam, and glue. He would often trade out his goggles for local lift tickets to try out his creations.


Fast-forward to today and Smith Optics is a world leader in innovation, quality, and durability goggles, helmets, and eyewear. Smith is also known worldwide for their stacked line-up of top notch Pro Staff, from surfing, to climbing, to motocross, to fishing. All these Pro Staffs rely and depend heavily on Smith Optics to help elevate each Pro Staff to the top of their game in their featured life style. Smith understands how important it is to have their Pro Staff involved with the development of new and cutting edge products. There unmatched clarity, devotion to strive for excellence, willingness to push boundaries, and style have really help set Smith Optics apart from the rest of the players in the game.

You may be asking yourself how all of this applies to me? Well if you like stalking down fish, and putting in long hours on and off the water, then the Smith has your answer. Let me introduce you to the ChromaPop Lens, these bad boys will help you hunt down that illusive species you have been after. The ChromaPop Lens enhances clarity like no other and allows natural color to let you effortlessly see much more detail. This gives much more confidence to put in the long hours it takes to get after it on and off the water.


“Through our proprietary ChromaPop polarized lens technology, we help you see details and color beyond normal capabilities.” By filtering two specific wavelengths of light that causes color confusion, Smith Optics will deliver unprecedented definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity that all allows you to see much more detail below the surface. The human eye has a hard time separating the Red, Blue, and Green overlap colors in our surrounding, but with ChromaPop lens the overlap is filtered to help add greater definition to our surroundings.

Smith’s ChromaPop polarized lens cut glare off of the horizontal surface to help with eye fatigue, block 100% of harmful UV Rays ,are oil and water resistant, and they are also scratch and impact resistant. Smith Optics has put a ton of time in to the R&D of their sunglasses to give you the best of everything you could possibly ask for. One of the most impactful features that are featured on these lenses in called Hydroleophobic. This specialized coating creates a super barrier between your lenses and the world. This technology allows grit, grim, oil, and water to dissipate quickly and effectively. Water will bead up and run away without leaving behind streaks, and fingerprints are easily wiped clean.


I would like to also touch on a few other key features that help Smith stand out from the crowd. Each pair of ChromaPop sunglasses feature Stainless Steel spring-loaded hinges that self adjust to help the sunglasses fit snuggly and comfortable on a wide range of head shapes and sizes. Stainless Steel also means that you will never have to worry about the hinges rusting or locking up on you. Megol is placed on the nose pieces and temple tips to help ensure comfort, and gently grips the skin to keep these beauties locked in all day long. An added bonus for us fisherman is that the Megol grip increases when it is introduced to water. Each frame is crafted from Grilamid TR90, which is flexible, tough, unstoppable, and reliant in all climates.


Two of my favorite pairs of Smith sunglasses are the Guide’s Choice, and the Outlier XL. My Guide’s Choice are unstoppable and are Matte Tortoise featuring the ChromaPop+ polarized Bronze Mirror lens. The shades were designed to exceed the most depending of situation boasting wide temples, and aggressive wrap around style. The Guide’s Choice was truly designed for those who seek adventure outside the walls! The Outlier XL is fairly new to the Smith line-up, and help raise the bar to a new level. What really appeals to me was that the same Smith DNA and style was packed into this amazing pair of shades. Whether you are scaling up the side of Everest, or chilling with the boys, or seeking the first light of Dawn Patrol these shades are all business and cutting edge. Again I chose the Matte Tortoise frames with ChromaPop+ polarized Blue Mirror lens. Just a few weeks back I was fishing a crystal clear river with blue bird skies, and I could not believe how well the blue mirror lenses cut the glare off the water allowing me to see well below the shallows. Even my right hand man approves of Smith Optics, cannot argue with Kona.

Smith Optics are a great gift idea for your beloved kayak angler this Christmas. Help them see below the surface with Smith Optics.

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JD Desrosiers currently paddles for the Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Adventure Technology, and Astral Pro Staffs, and is truly honored to be able to represent all these amazing teams. JD enjoys paddling smaller waters, rivers, swamps in South Carolina and intercoastal creeks of the Southeast. JD has a strong passion for writing, photography, conservation, and teaching others about the outdoors. Hope to see you on the water and stay safe.

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