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As kayak anglers, we’re always looking for products that, simply put, make our lives better.  Whether it be a smaller retractable net, floating fish grippers, or a lighting system which is easy to use yet won’t take up a lot of room in the yak.  Secur Products may have ended that search for us with their Four-in-One Light! It’s quite simply everything we need as it is a flashlight, lantern, red emergency light, and even a power bank for those kayak camping trips!

Charge Digital Devices and Improve Low Light Vision with Secur Products’ Four-in-One Light & Power Bank

One device transforms from flashlight to power bank, lantern or red emergency light


Camping is no longer as simple as pitching a tent and lighting a fire. As technology has advanced more modern conveniences have found their way into the woods. But, efficiently packing a backpack or car with gear is still as important as ever. Secur Products has condensed the essentials needed for any campsite lighting situation and a power source into one device, the new Four-in-One Light & Power Bank.


Secur Products Four-in-One Light – Flashlight


Designed to morph into a variety of lighting options, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank can be collapsed and used as a high power LED flashlight. Providing 100 lumens, in flashlight mode the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank will stay illuminated for up to 17 hours after a full charge. When extended, the light can be used as a high power LED lantern or flashing red emergency light. The 100-lumen lantern will also remain illuminated for up to 17 hours at a full charge, and the flashing red emergency light can blink for up to 34 hours.


Secur Products Four-in-One Light – Red Emergency


Additionally, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank has a built in 6,000mAh lithium ion battery for charging digital devices when an outlet is miles away. When charged to full power, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank is capable of charging an iPhone or other smart phone twice and can also be used to charge other digital devices. Searching through plastic bins and backpack pockets searching for a misplaced phone cord will not be an issue either. The Four-in-One Light & Power Bank comes with a cord that features a USB on one end and splits into three adapters on the other end – micro USB, 30 pin and Lightning.


Secur Products Four-in-One Light – Lantern


Designed for use in extreme situations, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank is rainproof and includes a hanging ring and carabiner for stringing it up from a tree or pole on a camp table to provide overhead lighting. The base of the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank is also magnetic so it can be securely placed on the roof of a car or attached hands-free to the side of a vehicle when searching for gear after dark.


Secur Products Four-in-One Light – Power Bank


Extremely compact yet powerful, the Four-in-One Light & Power Bank measures 4.375 by 2.125 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces. It has an MSRP of $44.99. For more information and purchasing details, visit:

About Secur Products

Secur Products is dedicated to constant product development and technological innovation to produce leading edge products for emergency preparedness, outdoor sports, portable power solutions and alternative energy. Secur Products is a division of Maverick Industries, Inc. based in Edison, New Jersey. For over 30 years, Maverick has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of household electronics and electric appliances.

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