Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club

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People like to feel like they’re a part of something; a team, staff member, a club, any kind of organization that’s social and in the now.  In Southeast Texas, a couple of friends started a local kayak fishing club. The intention was to get a handful of people together to fish, have small bio-monthly tournaments, and just hangout to discuss fishing reports and stories. While they thought they were starting something small, it quickly transformed into something much bigger and better.

As the sport of kayak fishing grows daily, it only took us one fishing trip in a kayak with a friend to get myself and my buddy, Brent ( aka Salty ), instantly HOOKED!!  While working a job in Freeport, TX, we decided to save some of our per diem money to purchase our first yak. It was a perfect time to be living on the the beaches in Surfside, TX while working a 7 month job!!  As proud Texans, we do things big, so after about a month or two of saving we headed to Fishing Tackle Unlimited in Houston to pick up a pair of 2012 Hobie Pro Angler 14‘s image.


Our first kayaks



The beginning of SWBKFC

After fishing from our new whips for a couple of months or so, we got to thinking about starting something in our area to get more involved with the kayak community.  After doing a little research and participating in a “little” tournament down in Grand Isle, LA known as Ride The Bull, we realized that there was a whole other world out there!  We had recently fished a local charity tournament put on by a couple guys called the Saltwater Boys.  And man we really liked how that sounded, Saltwater Boys! After finding out that the director of the tournament and myself had some mutual friends, Brent and I set up a meeting to get his advice on how the local fishing community was and our plans of starting an organization with kayak fishing.  After discussing our plans and ideas, the Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club (SWBKFC) was born.  Within two weeks of launching the idea on social media, there were 75-80 people on a contact list that wanted to be a part of an organization where they had a voice just as equal as the person next to them.  Our central focus at the SWBKFC is to help promote the sport of kayak fishing in a safe manner while having a positive impact on our community.  We encourage all of our members to participate in any and all events throughout our area and to become an advocate for the sport as well.

What started out as a simple idea to get a 10-15 people together for a weekend event quickly turned into an annual tournament series that results in the crowning of an ‘Angler of the Year’, as well as shirt designs, decals, club jerseys, quarterly meet-and-greets, and monthly club meetings.  We hold four tournaments a year which make up the A.O.Y. standings and one more event which encourages teamwork and camaraderie by putting on some variation of a team event.  In 2014, we held a 2-person trout tournament and in 2015, we are planning a 2-person Inshore Slam event.  We have met some pretty amazing folks along the way, and we believe the best is yet to come!  As we just completed our first month of registration here in 2015, we are currently at 55 members strong and couldn’t be happier!!


2014 Meet-n-Greet


2014 Tournament Banner


Monthly club meeting

Since the inception of the Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club in Oct. 2013, we have been extremely fortunate to have the support of some fantastic sponsors such as:  Ancelet’s Marina,, BillyStix Custom Rods, Chickenboy Lures, Coors Light, Daley’s Hunt & Fish, Down South Lures, Flying Fisherman, Hook Spit Fishing Gear, Lone Star Kayak Series, Railblaza, Stinky Pants Fishing, Unfair Lures, Yak Gear, and last but certainly not least, our good friends here at the Yak Outlaws!!  Without the support of these fine folks, the SWBKFC would not be what it is today!  We’ve recently launched our new website (, so if you’re interested and would like some more info, please check us out online or FB: Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club.

SWBKFC 2015 Banner

2015 SWBKFC Banner



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  1. Jim Quilon says:

    I live in bridge city tx, and fish alone most of the time, I was wondering if you have a charter in the area like port author or Beaumont. Also do you post a photo gallery to see what you guys are catching.

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