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Rubio & Jigalode? What happens when a fishing apparel owner and a surfboard owner come together?  A brand new fishing SUP!  This is the case between Damian and Chris.  Damian owns Jigalode Fishing Apparel and Chris owns Rubio Surfboards.  The two came together and formed Rubio & Jigalode, high quality SUPs engineered with the angler in mind.

Damian & Chris met a few times, after which Rubio & Jigalode was born.  Both avid outdoorsmen, Chris & Damian saw an opportunity to use both their talents and build a great fishing platform for SUP anglers everywhere.  According to Damian, “We’ve been working on our first two models, the Megalops and the Linesider. All of our boards are “Built to Fish” and are buoyant and stable enough to handle any fishing situation within reason.”  We think Rubio & Jigalode hit this one out of the park as both boards look ready to fish!


The Megalops has the build and versatility to get you through wherever the fishing may lead you. Whether you’re sneaking up on skinny water fish or venturing out into the blue, the sharp v-entry makes sure to improve your tracking and cut through the waves when needed. Built like a tank, but floats on the surface like a feather. Rubio & Jigalode made this SUP slightly shorter and wider to enhance maneuverability while never compromising the riders balance.


The Linesider is the second board in their arsenal. A few things come to mind when searching for the perfect inshore paddle board. Comfort and stability are a must for the angler looking to embark on a paddle board fishing adventure. The Linesider sports a style inspired by some of the proven classic skiff designs of the past. It’s squared out nose blends into a double concave that glides effortlessly and turns on a dime. Nimble enough for the flats but rugged enough to hold up to choppy conditions. The wide deck provides you with the space to enjoy all your favorite on the water activities from fly fishing to bully netting lobster.

Here’s a closer look at both the Megalops and the Linesider from Rubio & Jigalode complete with specs and features:

Rubio & Jigalode



  • Length: 11’3″
  • Width: 35″
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Volume: 350 liters
  • Build: EPS Foam Core/Outer Fiberglass Skin
  • MSRP: $1200



  • Length: 11’7″
  • Width: 36″
  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Volume: 385 liters
  • Build: EPS Foam Core/Outer Fiberglass Skin
  • MSRP: $1200

We think both the Linesider and Megalops by Rubio & Jigalode are going to be big hits in the SUP angling community!  What are your thoughts on these 2 new fishing SUPs?

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