Rod Mule: Innovative Fishing Rod Transport Sling

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Cal Coast Fishing burst onto the scene last summer with their Bait Sack and Cali Clip. Now they’re ready to introduce the Rod Mule, an innovative fishing rod transport sling which makes carrying your fishing rods much easier.rod mule

The Rod Mule: Hitch your fishing rods to Cal Coast Fishing’s innovative transport sling

rod mule

When it’s time to travel, you can always count on the mule!

For millennia, the mule helped man meet stubborn challenges – carting humans, plowing fields, pulling caissons, carrying camp gear to high elevations.

Now Cal Coast Fishing founder Dave Romanus brings mule power to the aid of the 21stcentury angler with a man-made beast of burden, a carefully conceived transport device for fishing rods called the Rod Mule!

Enlist the aid of the Rod Mule when transporting multiple rods from storage room to motor vehicle, from car to boat, from boat to shore or campsite … or anywhere fishing rods are bound.

“Tournament co-anglers struggling with armfuls of rods and reels sparked the concept,” notes Romanus, creator of breakthrough fishing and tackle management solutions including The Bait Sack, Cali Clip, and the Clip-N-Cull system. “But the Rod Mule is a versatile product that doesn’t discriminate. Any angler faced with moving multiple rods to a fishing destination safely and simply will welcome its use.”

The Rod Mule reduces rod transport to a single maneuver, protecting rod tips and securing rods for travel in a no-slip sling. What’s more, it holds rods compactly in any vehicle without the annoyance and risk of banging or tangling.

And there’s nothing stubborn about this Rod Mule either. Just gather the rods for the day, slip the protective cover over the tips, and wrap the strap with hook and loop fastener around your rod blanks. Snap-lock the butt strap around the rod butts, and the mule is ready to travel!

The Rod Mule is perfect for:

  • Tournament co-anglers
  • Kayak fishermen
  • Bank fishing
  • Small boats
  • Rental craft
  • Vacationers
  • …and more!

Features include:

  • Adjustable butt belt
  • Durable POM snap locks
  • Mesh rod tip protective sleeve
  • Shoulder strap/carrying sling with easy one-hand adjustment

Harness the Rod Mule to your rod arsenal your next trip to the water.

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