RinseKit: Pressurized Portable Sprayer

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RinseKit is a portable pressurized sprayer that is lightweight, and the perfect tool for any kayak or SUP angler. RinseKit is a portable pressurized shower with not pumping and no batteries. The RinseKit fill with two gallons of water from a household spigot and delivers a pressurized spray.

We first learned of RinseKit a couple of weeks prior to iCast 2015. Initially I was skeptical since it required no batteries or pumping. How could it possible deliver a pressurized spray? As stated before my skepticism made me believe that the RinseKit would simply be a gimmick of sorts. All of those preconceptions quickly disappeared as soon I first tested the RinseKit.


I love taking my kids fishing as much as possible. The only problem with that is when we launch our kayaks from a beach launch, it’s always a mess inside my truck when we come back in. Sandy, wet, muddy, basically chaos on my truck floor. I decided that were going to see once and for all if the RinseKit was worth it or simply the gimmick. Wow! Completely floored the first time I used the RinseKit!

It was quick and simple, and more importantly, it delivered! To use the RinseKit, you simply use the attachment provided and attach it to a spigot at home. It takes roughly 20 seconds to fill up the 2 gallon reservoir of the RinseKit. Once filled, you just switch out the fill attachment for the sprayer. The sprayer head on the RinseKit is simply a spray nozzle with varying settings, something similar to what you’d purchase at your local hardware store to use on your garden hose.


After a great day of kayak fishing with the kids, we loaded up our fishing gear, and I easily rinse off the kid’s shoes before they climbed into the truck. Simple. Easy. Clean. No more compilation of water and sand or dirt in my truck from kayak fishing. I was also able to quickly rinse off the fishing rods and reels of any saltwater from our fishing that day. Since initially receiving the RinseKit, we’ve used the portable sprayer on several kayak fishing trips, and trips to the beach. The RinseKit has already become a staple of my packing list for kayak fishing trips, and will continue to serve as an invaluable tool. The RinseKit is perfect for rinsing off gear from your kayak fishing trips, camping trips, and trips to the beach, and we highly recommend adding the RinseKit to your gear list!



  • Compact design with 2 gallon pressure chamber
  • built-in ruler to measure fish
  • folding handle for one-handed carrying
  • eay-to-remove lid to stand on
  • Includes: Hose Nozzle, 6′ hose, Hose Bib Adapter, On/Off Valve, & Quick Disconnect
  • MSRP: $89.99



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