Redfish Tagging

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While many states, including Florida, don’t participate in a tagging system, the state of Louisiana offers one such program.  The Louisiana Cooperative Marine Fish Tagging Program is a program that has two main objectives.  First, it’s to establish a sound marine sport fish tag and recapture program utilizing a diverse cooperative program specifically designed to employ and educate anglers.  Secondly, its objective is to improve our understanding of marine sport fish movements, patterns of habitat use, and population dynamics.  The purpose of the program is to maximize recreational benefits while conserving and protecting renewable aquatic resources for present and future generations of anglers.  The data gathered from this tagging project may be used to evaluate the effects of environmental changes on life in our waterways.

As a volunteer angler, we provide valuable information that is normally difficult and expensive to obtain by other means.  As a volunteer angler, you’ll be trained on proper tagging techniques to ensure survivability of the tagged fish after handling, and will be instructed as to the reporting requirements that are expected, such as accurate GPS locations for tracking purposes.

Once you become a volunteer angler, you’ll receive a tagging kit, including tags and tag applicators.  Dedicated volunteer taggers will receive program gifts and will be given access to the Tagging Community website, where taggers may track the date that they have collected of the fish they have tagged, released, and reported.  Tagger’s will also be notified if one of their fish is ever recaptured, providing a history of that fish.  Additional prizes may be awarded to volunteer anglers depending on the number of fish tagged annually.

 While this program is based in Louisiana, it’s still available to anglers who reside in other states, and want to get involved in a tagging program.  For more information on how you can become a volunteer tagger, please visit the Tag Louisiana website at

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