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Seth Wright from Indiana shares with us his idea for a DIY crate set up for the Old Town Predator MX kayak.  One of the more alluring concepts of kayak fishing is our ability to build our own set ups to fit our kayak fishing styles and wants.  The Predator MX is a great kayak, but adding a crate can be difficult.  Seth offers a unique idea to make your Predator MX work better for kayak anglers.

For my Predator MX, I have a scupper plug cart that I use on the tank well scupper plugs. All season I have used a milk crate to hold my gear and tackle, but I found that a standard milk crate does not fit well in the Predator MX despite the very large tank well it is equipped with. To complicate this, I wanted gear storage that would be secure in a flip over, and something that would work with my cart attached. After a few days of contemplating, I found the solution to be an Ackessories Milk Crate with accessory rails, mounted ON TOP of the tank well from Austin Canoe & Kayak. The rectangular size is perfect to sit on top of the tank well, and still allows for some great benefits over other storage methods, but I’ll get to that in a few minutes.


Predator MX Crate DIY

To install the crate on my Predator MX, I placed the crate towards the front of the tankwell so it sits with the front lip directly behind the metal bar that is behind the seat. I attached 3 zip-ties around the metal bar and through the holes in the bottom and side of the crate and tightened them up. Next, I untied the the tank well bungee cord and re-routed it through two holes in the bottom of the milk crate. I retied the knot securely, and used two small bungee cords with hooks on each end and ran one to each rear bungee holder in the tank well for extra support. I plan to use PVC pipe to make rod holders in the rear two holes on the accessory rail that is screwed to the top of the crate.


DIY Crate set up for Predator MX

This setup has a few features. It does not obstruct the two accessory plates on the rear of the kayak, it does not obstruct my access to installing and uninstalling my kayak cart, and it allows for storage in the entire tankwell. It will allow me to not only store all of my gear, but will let me place items underneath the crate as well. I plan to store my PFD, my anchor, a spare paddle, a cooler, and lunch for the day underneath the yak and in the rest of the tankwell. This also allows for easy access to my tackle trays that I put in the crate when in the high seating position fishing.


Side view of DIY crate set up for Predator MX

If anyone out there likes this setup on the Predator MX, please feel free to install it on your cart. I think you will really like it!


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Seth Wright is a Southern Indiana bass fisherman. Seth fishes primarily small ponds and lakes. This is Seth’s first year kayak fishing, and he recently picked up an Old Town Predator MX.

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