Pops Needs New Toys: Father’s Day Guide

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Fellas rejoice, it’s our time of the year! Now to put in plain and simple, Pops needs new toys. This is just an idea to get ya started on some of the great gear that we like to use when out on the water. So fellas, share this with the wife, girlfriend, kids, etc so you’ll be sure to get the good stuff and not some old stuffy tie!

Kaku Kayaks


What dad wouldn’t want a new fishing vessel? Better yet, wouldn’t pops love a new Voodoo to take out on the water?!?!? I have to tell you that I recently spent several days in Louisiana “testing” the Voodoo and one word kept popping up in my head… WOW! This fishing craft is a fish stalking machine plain and simple! The Voodoo offers unmatched stability on the water. You’ll be able to take sight fishing to a new level with the Voodoo’s one of a kind seat. Simply put, pops would be ecstatic to have the Voodoo in his fleet!

Okuma Fishing

I don’t think there’s a man alive who would scoff at the idea of getting a new fishing rod for Father’s Day. We’ve been using the Gulf Series Shadow Stalker fishing rods for some time now and it’s tough to find better quality with the amazing price. Rods start around $80 and end at roughly $120. We’ve beat these rods up with massive 30+ inch redfish and black drum and they still keep bringing in the fish. If you’re looking to get pops a quality fishing rod then we highly suggest checking out the great line up from Okuma Fishing!

Columbia Sportswear

The age old joke for Father’s Day has always been the plain Jane neck tie. Fortunately for pops, there are those of us who are willing to keep a watchful eye out. If you’re looking to get pops some form of apparel then we suggest the kind of apparel that he really wants. The most trusted name when it comes to clothing for anglers is and always has been Columbia Sportswear.

Bahama Vent PFG Shoe

We’ve been sporting these kicks for several months now and are still in love with them! The Bahama Vent is perfect for a day out in the yak chasing your favorite species of fish, yet comfortable and stylish enough to wear out casually for drinks and dinner. Pops will absolutely love being about to sport the Bahama Vent PFG shoes, we can absolutely guarantee this!

Solar Shade Zero Shirt


Here’s simply another reason why we love Columbia so much. The PFG apparel is perfect for any day out on the water, yet stylish enough to wear out casually. The really cool part is the apparel from Columbia is more about simply just looking great, they’re about functionality as well! The Solar Shade Zero shirt has sun deflecting fabric to help keep you out on the water longer on those super hot days!

Cuda Brand

Cuda Brand is all about great tools for the active angler. Whether it’s a quality pair of pliers, a fillet knife, or a gaff, Cuda has perfect gifts for pops this Father’s Day. We’ve been a huge fan of Cuda tools for quite some time now and this is all we use on our kayaks. The fish scale grips give you that added extra comfort when fighting fish all day and alleviate any worry about tools slipping out of your hand. We highly recommend checking out Cuda Brand for your gift to pops this Father’s Day. Here’s a couple ideas to help you out too with the Cuda Pliers and one of our favorite fillet knives.

Father’s Day is a time where we’re allowed to honor the man who helped raise us. An opportunity to show our appreciation for their sacrifices. Show pops how much you love him with a great fishing gift this year. It’ll bring a smile to his face, and hopefully an invite to go fishing. Happy Father’s Day to all our proud angling dads!

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