Playing Hooky, Hitting the Water

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Playing hooky, it’s something that we’ve all done at least once in our lives. Perhaps it was in school to go hang out with friends, perhaps it was to simply to skip work to go spend some time on the water. The latter is our reasoning for playing hooky, as we wanted to go chase some fish and enjoy the peace of being out on the water.We needed it pretty badly. After a long couple of weeks at work, followed by a busy weekend chasing two boys around Disney, Kaycee and I decided that we’d be playing hooky instead of going to work on that Monday. Seriously, Monday’s are the worst day of the work week. I think that’s something that we can agree on, isn’t it? I mean, who’d want to work on a Monday, when you could be out on the water, enjoying an absolutely beautiful day chasing some fish out of your kayak!

playing hooky

Kaycee and I decided we’d earned the right to be playing hooky, and we took our time that blah Monday morning. In all honesty I thin we took playing hooky a little too seriously. We woke up pretty late and had to rush to get the kids to school. While she dropped off the kids, I went about getting the gear ready. Once everything was rigged up, we loaded up the yaks and rods into the truck and headed for our favorite fishing hole. Kaycee would be fishing out of the Old Town Predator MX, and I’d be fishing out of my Wilderness Systems ATAK 140. I’ve become quite fond of the Wildy ATAK. It’s a great fishing platform, paddles extremely well, and very stable for standing and sight casting fish. Of course, I’ve added some goodies to it including the Power Pole Micro, which helps add to its allure.

When we hit the water, the tides were extremely low so we decided to try a couple of spots long the way to our honey hole. The bite was very slow, and immediately thoughts of the day playing hooky on the water were going to be wasted. I couldn’t even spook a fish on the shallow creeks anywhere! We finally decided that the tide had moved in well enough to hit up my favorite fishing spot, so headed that way. Once there, we each caught a little black drum right off the bat. I thought, sweet, we’re gonna get up on some black drum today! Of course, it turned out those seemed to be the only black drum there that day. But we got into a good redfish bite, and we were both fine with that. My day playing hooky turned out to be quite fun. Kaycee landed 3 fish for the day and I stuck 14 myself. While the bite wasn’t ridiculously amazing, we still had a great time out on the water, especially with 3 slot reds in that mix.

Time started catching up to us, and it was a little after lunch. Of course, as much as we enjoyed playing hooky, adulthood was slowly creeping back up on us and we decided to head back in for the day. Even with the day ending, Kaycee and I enjoyed a great day on the water playing hooky. Of course, any time spent on the water in our kayaks is always a great time!

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