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The No Limits kayak paddle from Academy Sports is our Day 22 feature for our Reviews of Christmas.  This paddle is a great low cost budget paddle for the angler who wants some quality without breaking the bank and emptying the wallet.

There are so many paddles out there and for the newbie or even the angler on a budget most of what we see and hear about are the top dogs in the paddle industry. So how do we break through and find a great paddle thats easy on the wallet? Well sit down and grab your coffee because I am going to tell you about one. The No Limits paddle from Academy Sports is a serious paddle with a price that even the wife will be happy with. With a price tag of only $39.99, it’s a great budget paddle.


No Limits Abyss paddle

I have had my current No Limits paddle now for about 3 years and have put it through the ringer. I have fished many nasty rivers where there have been paddles broke, used it to wedge my kayak on rocky shoals, push off of just about anything you can find on the river and lake banks, but this paddle wont give up. If your wanting a durable paddle with a sticker price that will allow you to pick up some other goodies also then take a look at this paddle.

Ok so for the more technical group who will look at blade shape, shaft and weight lets break down the paddle. It is a fairly light weight paddle with a serious backbone. I am more of a high angle paddler with lots of torque on the blades as I push through the water. With some paddles I can actually feel the blade flex, thats not what you want. I have yet to have that happen with the No Limit paddle. The composite blades reinforced with fiberglass give them the strength to handle most situations, and the aluminum shaft while not as light as carbon will still allow you to paddle most the day with minimal fatigue.


bass with the No Limits Abyss shown

Overall I have been extremely impressed by this product and think its a great addition for any angler. This is a great paddle for any angler that is budget minded or even as a back up paddle as mine is now.

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  1. Greg Massa says:

    I agree, I have put some miles on a No-Limits paddle and have been very happy with it.

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