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Tony Hart – Editor in Chief

Yak Outlaws was founded by Tony Hart, an avid kayak angler for over 10 years.  Tony has fished all over the southeast United States, but calls Northeast Florida home due to its year round ability to fish for redfish, flounder, trout, and black drum in the back water creeks and flats.  Tony has years of experience in the kayak fishing industry, and has served as the Pro Staff Coordinator for such companies as Malibu Kayaks and Feel free Kayaks, where he worked diligently to build up successful kayak fishing teams.  Tony has also been involved in the media aspect of kayak fishing as a writer for several fishing publications to include, Coastal Angler Magazine, The Milkcrate Magazine, and Fishing Connection of NE Florida.  Tony also served as the East Coast Editor of Kayak Fishing Magazine.  As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Tony used that passion to co-found and also serve as the Assistant Coordinator for the NE Florida Chapter for Heroes on the Water, and still helps with tournaments sponsoring Veteran’s organizations.  Tony also spends quality time in the kayak with his wife and 2 sons, Garrett & Gavin, sharing his passions with them of the sport of kayak fishing. Tony and his wife, Kaycee, take family outings together to share with their sons the passion for being outdoors and in the kayaks. Tony is currently on the Pro Staff for Okuma Fishing USA, Savage Gear, Bending Branches, Daiichi Hook, and Bimini Bay Outfitters.


Kaycee Hart – Owner

Kaycee and Tony have been a kayak fishing duo since the beginning. They started out kayak fishing in small 10′ sit in kayaks and fell in love with the simple ability of just loading up the kayaks and heading somewhere to fish for the weekend. Kaycee has worked with some of the largest brands in the fishing industry, and is also the co-director of the Inshore Xtreme Challenge charity kayak fishing tournament. Kaycee spends as much time as possible on the water, whether it be SUP angling, fishing from her kayak, or simply from the beach.

JD Desrosiers – Contributing Writer


JD Desrosiers currently paddles for the Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Adventure Technology, Astral, Ardent, and Smith Optics Pro Staffs, and is truly honored, and blessed to be able to represent all these amazing teams over the last four years. JD has been kayak fishing for about 8 years, and enjoys paddling smaller waters, rivers, swamps in South Carolina, and intercoastal creeks of the Southeast. JD has a very deep passion for writing, photography, conservation, and teaching others about the outdoors. Not only does JD enjoy kayak fishing, he also enjoys exploring new waters and meeting new people. Going to new places and meeting the people around those areas intrigues JD. JD feels he can learn something from everyone and hopes to teach people some of things he has learned in his adventure in life. In 2017 JD will become a SCDNR Certified Fishing Instructor for the state of South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. JD will be volunteering to teach youths of all ages about fishing, kayak fishing, and conservation of our lands. One of the areas JD is most excited about in the upcoming year is his heavy and continued evolvement in the development of new kayaks and accessories for Wilderness Systems. In 2016 alone JD was on the Development Team for the ATAK 120 and the Radar 115 &135 kayaks. JD was also deeply evolved in the development in the Wilderness Systems accessories line that is about to launch. “I look forward to seeing you out on the water and stay safe!”

Darin O’Brien – Contributing Writer


Darin O’Brien is a retired Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff, writer, photographer, and lifetime angler from Belleview, Florida. Darin’s journey down into the dark and sometimes murky waters of the fishing addiction started as soon as he was old enough to hold a rod. We moved to Clearwater FL in 1968 at age 6. Dad was a fisherman and we almost immediately started fishing on the Gulf of Mexico out of a 17’ Chris Craft with 75 HP Chrysler outboard. I have never looked back since, only sunk deeper into the never ending cycle. Some of my experience includes local Bass tournaments as a young teen and fly in trips to northern Ontario for Walleye and Pike. I was also a team member for Capt. Ron Mitchell with team Bandit in the SKA for two years. I planted the seed for kayak fishing at a very early age. It started unknowingly when I was a young teen pond hopping for bass. I bought an inflatable rubber one man dingy/raft for 25.00 from Kmart and used it till it looked like orange and black camo with all the patches on it. My kayak fishing started in 2004. I have kayak fished in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. From chasing Shoal Bass with Randy Vining (Pro Staffer and co-designer for the Predator 13) through the class three rapids of the Ocmulgee River to Striped Bass on Lake Lanier and Hartwell. I have fished flats on both coasts of Florida, three miles off shore in the Atlantic on the Palm Beach coast, chasing Snakeheads and Peacock Bass in the backwater canals of south Florida, hunting Tarpon off of Key West and epic fishing at Dry Tortuga. I have been writing for two years and love it as an addition to my fishing life. It gives me the chance to not only share my experiences and passion, but pass on some knowledge as well. Darin was also the Assistant Administrator for the Meetup group Kayak Fishing Club of the Palm Beaches for two years.

Dustin Schouest – Contributing Writer

Dustin Schouest comes from fishing stock. His great uncle “Dovee” Naquin made a living out of the marsh, giving tours and wrestling alligators for tourist all over the world. His father had him on boats by the time he was 6 months old. Struggling with mild Asperger’s and social anxieties, Dustin found his calling in 2012 to help deal with depression and addiction: kayak fishing. In the next few years, Dustin would pick up fly fishing and duck hunting from his kayak. He loves both kayaking, as well as using a SUP. Dustin is a native of Pointe Aux Chenes, La and loves to preach about the history and damage it has endured from coastal erosion. Like the legendary Bill Dance, he is a giant klutz with the catch phrase: “What could possibly go wrong?!” He is a member of the Hook1 Kayak Fishing Gear and Salt Life Optics pro teams, and works in the fishing department of the Gonzales, La Cabela’s. He has also contributed to the R&D of future Ozark Trails products for campers, fisherman, and hunters.

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  1. Scott Nye says:

    Would love to meet you guys sometime soon! Rock the decals on my Jackson Cuda! Fishing trip soon?-Scott Nye

  2. Glad to be writing for you guys, and I look forward to helping grow the YakOutlaws name through out the kayak world. You guys are really doing great things and keeping the fishing community very well informed. See you this winter if not sooner.

  3. Alan Thomas says:

    Would love to meet you all if your ever in the Tampa bay area. I would be glad to share a trout or red honey hole with you.

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