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The Osprey, a new fishing reel from newcomer, Florida Fishing Products is soon to hit the shelves. Designed to offer a quality fishing reel that is both durable and lightweight. Osprey

Tampa, FL – Florida Fishing Products officially announced the release of the Osprey, a saltwater fishing reel that combines top quality, internal anticorrosive components with a light weight aluminum build.

“Our first thought was why not put a saltwater reel together that is lightweight and durable? Some lightweight reels don’t quite stand the test of time and conversely some heavier reels that do stand the test of time currently on the market. Until now, no option actually encompasses both of these key specifications, and is also offered for a reasonable price,” says co-founder, Ty Nelson.


The Osprey will be initially offered in the 3000 and 4000 size classes with plans for the company to introduce a 2500 and 5000 size reel in Spring 2017. All reels will boast a sealed carbon fiber disc drag that maxes out between 22 and 24 lbs; anticorrosive stainless steel and zinc gears to ensure longevity, and 10+1 EcoSealed Ball Bearings to keep that reel spinning smoothly time and again.

“About six months ago we set out to gather some market research about saltwater fishing reels. We had responses from novice anglers to tournament anglers to full-time fishing guides and everything in between. It quickly became apparent to us that there not only was demand for the product we intended to design, but there was clearly a significant gap in the market.”


Retail price is going to fall in the $150 to $200 range, but anglers can preorder their Osprey today for $99.99 at www.floridafishingproducts.com by using the coupon code: SAVE50

“We want to offer the best deal possible on this initial order to get this reel into as many hands as possible because, at the end of the day, it is the feedback from fishermen that steers our business.”


About Florida Fishing Products

Florida Fishing Products is based out of Tampa, Florida. Florida Fishing Products is a line of fishing products designed by fishermen for fishermen. For more information about Florida Fishing Products, visit their website: www.floridafishingproducts.com

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