Offshore Kayak Snapper Fishing

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Snapper fishing from your kayak can be an absolute blast and an exhilarating experience. Scrib Perry and a few friends hit Navarre Beach in Florida to chase some red snapper, but their day turned into so much more when they got into a lot of other species, and Scrib scratched a couple more fish off his bucket list.

On a Sunday, June 7, 2015, I was able to go do some red snapper fishing from my kayak. Having fished for snapper before from my kayak I knew how exciting of a time laid ahead of me. Little did I know just how exciting this day would end up for me though.

I had planned this trip to Navarre, FL with a friend, Seth Dalton who lives on that area. Seth is an experienced angler when it comes to going offshore so I felt good about our chances of getting on some good fish. I met him and two others that morning at the launch site and we proceeded to get our kayaks and gear down to the water and launch.


Scrib bowed up on the rod

We trolled out to the first area without any of us hooking up. We stowed our trolling gear and starred baiting up our bottom fishing gear. We quickly realized it was going to be tough to catch snapper at this spot due to the large amount of triggerfish. Normally this would have been a welcome thing. However with triggerfish not being in season we decided to paddle off to the next spot. Just as we paddled off we were able to watch a hammerhead shark move into our vacated spot. I guess he didn’t care triggerfish were out of season.


Scrib with a nice cobia

Upon on arriving at the second spot Wes Newhouse and Seth quickly hooked up with some red snapper. I was next to hook up with one. It appeared we
had found the right spot. Over the next hour or so we were able to catch a few more snapper including one Lane snapper I managed to catch. Wes hooked up with what we agreed to be a grouper. He couldn’t pull the beast off the reef and eventually was broken off. Shortly after that, I too was broken
off by a hard pulling fish who refused to come off the reef. As the bite slowed off we decided to move once again.


Scrib, Seth, and Wes

We arrived at the spot and dropped our baits and waited for the hard tug to let us know someone was home. Well I received the hard tug and that is
when it got interesting. I hooked up with what I at first thought was a large snapper. It quickly went straight down ripping off drag. Then it did something I didn’t expect. It changed direction and started pulling drag as it headed away from my kayak. At that point I knew I wasn’t dealing with a
snapper. My first thought was I had hooked up with a small shark. It steadily pulled drag as I tried to turn him. Finally I got him turned and started bringing him up. I got him about 20 feet below and got a glimpse at him. At that point me and Seth both said “Cobia!” He quickly went on another run pulling out line. After 10 minutes or so I got him to the surface and played him a little more to make sure he was wore out. Seth gaffed him and quickly put him in his kayak. We waited a few minutes more and transfered him to my kayak for some pictures.


The day’s haul

The cobia was one of the fish I had on my bucket list to catch from the kayak. Having already checked off a few that were already on it. Now on to
the last few that remain. Those being snook, tarpon, sailfish and tripletail.


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Sibley “Scrib” Perry is an avid kayak angler. Rather than follow in his father’s footsteps, a successful bass tournament angler, Sibley has found his passion for inshore fishing. At any time of the year, Scrib can be found paddling the bays and inlets of the Alabama Gulf Coast in search of redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. Scrib is on the Pro Staffs for Feelfree Kayaks, Egret Baits, Columbia Sportswear, Hook1, Aqua Dream, and Pro Cure.


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