NuCanoe Pursuit: A New Level of Fishing

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The NuCanoe Pursuit received much fanfare from this past summer’s iCast show, and good reason… It’s definitely an eye catching fishing machine. I spent some time with NuCanoe owner, Blake Young, and he showed me the different features of the Pursuit. I knew right then I’d have to spend some time on the water with the NuCanoe Pursuit!

NuCanoe Pursuit

I took the NuCanoe Pursuit out on several trips. Of course my reasoning to the wife was that it was research for a review, but in all honesty, I wanted to know how well this baby fished! I wanted to know how well it paddled, would it track well, how stable would it be for standing and fighting fish, how well would it perform in windy or tough conditions? These are all obviously important questions that need to be answered when choosing your next kayak, regardless of what it is. Overall, the NuCanoe performed extremely well. Of course, we can all agree that there is no such thing as a “perfect” kayak, but we can definitely strive to at least get close to it.

Initial overview of the NuCanoe Pursuit, the angler recognizes a very open and clean deck. This gives the angler plenty of free space to stand up, move around, walk around, etc. The layout of the Pursuit immediately gives the angler tons of options on how to rig the kayak. The angler will also notice several features aimed at making life on the water much more easier for the angler. There are 4 internal rod tubes, a paddle park on each side of the kayak, and a ton of tracks. There are tracks everywhere, giving the angler countless options for rigging up the Pursuit with rod holders, camera mounts, etc. There are two (2) hatches on the Pursuit (stern and aft) giving the angler storage and inside access to add anchor trolleys or store extra gear. The front hatch also features a removable tray giving the angler some dry storage as well.


The deck of the NuCanoe Pursuit is an anglers dream if you’re into poling the flats stalking redfish, or on your favorite lake with your fly rod. Remember those before mentioned internal rod tubes? Yeah those are long enough for even your fly rod! The rod tubes also make it easier if you’re paddling through dense areas or under low lying bridges, by laying by the side of the yak. It also eliminates the need to a crate with rod holders if you so desire. Another feature I liked about the Pursuit is an open area just behind the front hatch that would be perfect for those anglers who want to store a small tackle bag or cooler, or even bring your junior angler out on the water with you. It’s also perfect for putting a crate there keeping your gear in front of you versus behind you, giving the angler easier reach. The rear hatch area is huge. I mean, IT IS HUGE! Plenty of room to store a BlackPak, milk crate, or decent sized cooler.

The seat on the NuCanoe Pursuit is HUGE! Quite easily one of, if not the best kayak seat on the market. Quite large and easily the most comfortable seat that I have ever sat in while out on the water. A great feature of the Pursuit is the seat sits on a track system which means you can move forward or to the rear to suit anglers of any size. You can sit in the Pursuit seat all day long, and feel no pain!


Really the only issues I came across with the NuCanoe Pursuit are the small rope handles at the front and rear of the kayak. I  think a more solid handle on both ends of the kayak would be ore beneficial to the angler when loading or unloading. There are also no handles on the side of the kayak, which takes away from being able to handle loading somewhat easier. The kayak is a tad on the heavy side weighing in at 82lbs. Loading the Pursuit onto my truck was a little bit of a chore, but definitely manageable.

I took the NuCanoe Pursuit out on several trips to test its capabilities. The Pursuit paddles extremely well for its size. Tracking is great on the Pursuit as well. For a kayak that is over 13′ long, this kayak performs extremely well for the paddler. Whether you’re fishing in wide open areas, or working your way through narrow creeks. The Pursuit paddles very smoothly in calm and windy conditions. I truly enjoyed paddling and fishing off of the NuCanoe Pursuit. It’s a great fishing platform and I’d definitely recommend this kayak for anyone looking for their next fishing machine!


NuCanoe Pursuit Specs

  • Length: 13.5′
  • Width: 35″
  • Capacity: 500lbs
  • Weight: 82lbs
  • MSRP: $1599
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2 Responses to NuCanoe Pursuit: A New Level of Fishing

  1. Looks like a solid piece of equipment! I love that the seat is on a track system. That’s a great feature. It’s definitely on the heavy and expensive side of things, however. I’ve seen some other fishing yaks that are pretty good quality for less than a grand. No doubt this will be a great fishing kayak for those who can afford it though.

  2. charlie cornett says:

    reminds me of the native magic, great fly fishing yak, but got dropped by native for some reason

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