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At the beginning of each year, we’re all guilty of one simple pleasure. A New Year’s Resolution.  We’ve all done it once or twice or heck, every year.  The start of the new year brings a sense of motivation to get better at a particular thing or things, or simply an opportunity to better ourselves.  Starting a new year’s resolution is the easy part, but following through is something we’ve all had troubles with.  The staff at Yak Outlaws thought we’d take the time to issue our own personal new year’s resolutions for 2015.

While stating our new year’s resolutions, we’ll focus on the kayak fishing and fishing aspect of resolutions.  While it wouldn’t hurt to get back into the gym, it’s certainly not conducive to what Yak Outlaws is all about.  Kayak fishing is truly one amazing sport, and we’re all fortunate to take part in it.  It’s growing at a high rate and we all can take credit for that aspect. There are more and more tournaments popping up all over the country, new and exciting products from manufacturers, and newcomers to the sport every day.  We’ll take our shots at resolutions from the staff at Yak Outlaws, and perhaps by the end of the year our sport has grown even more, and we’ve been fortunate enough to make good on our resolutions.

Tony Hart (Editor in Chief)


I’m like most people in that I put forth a new year’s resolution each year.  The claiming of a resolution is the easy part, simply following through is the tough part.  I have strong plans for 2015.  I’d like to travel more and fish in unfamiliar waters. Florida is aptly named the “fishing capitol of the world“, and there are places that I’d like to explore more throughout the state of Florida.  There’s an amazing abundance of species throughout the waters of Florida and I’d like to start scratching off some species on my own personal kayak fishing bucketlist. I’d like to kayak fish in the Florida Keys, learn to fly fish, and continue to grow in this beloved sport of kayak fishing. I’d also like to participate in more kayak fishing tournaments this year as well.  Bucket list species for me this year out of my kayak are bonefish, tarpon, snook, grouper, kingfish, and peacock bass.  So there ya have it, my new year’s resolution is to get out and explore more in my kayak, fish new places, and scratch off some species off my kayak fishing bucketlist.

John Champion (Freshwater Correspondent)


Wow, is it that time of year again? Last year took myself and East TN Kayak Anglers to all new heights. However for 2015 I have already set in place our first official tournament trail. So for my club my goal is to continue to grow. I will be measuring this growth by overall turnout at the tournaments. I also hosted one charity event last year and co-hosted one, this year I hope to host/co-host four different charity events. Last year we averaged 18, this year I am shooting for 25 anglers or more. My personal fishing goals are to expand my knowledge on new waters, my goal is to fish at least three new states where I wont be worried about where I place in these tournaments. My only focus is to learn while I am at each event. I introduced lots of new folks to kayaking as well as kayak fishing last year. This year my goal is to personally take at least three people who have never kayak fished out on the water to experience this amazing sport and to help it continue its growth. As far as species go, well I have never crappie fished from my kayak, and I want to get to the saltwater to fish for Redfish and salt water trout at some point this year.

Nathan McIntosh ( Texas Correspondent )


With the new year around the corner, its that time to set your resolutions for 2015. I have big plans for myself and for Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club.  I plan to be more prepared and organized for club events/tournaments, work on my public speaking ( got some good bloopers from last year) and to do whatever it takes to help the club run smoothly and make it easier for our members to feel comfortable and welcomed. On a personal note, I plan to be more involved with my church and community. Also I’m going to explore new fishing areas and help others that are getting into kayak fishing. Most importantly, be thankful the good Lord has blessed me with a loving family and the ability to provide for them while also being able to follow my passion in kayak fishing.

Brent Louviere (Texas Correspondent)


As we say goodbye to 2014 and begin to look ahead to the next chapter of our lives, I am extremely thankful and blessed to be a small part in the world of kayak fishing in our areas of Southeast Texas and beyond as a member of this fantastic group of guys!  My goals for 2015, as it relates to kayak fishing, are pretty simple….1.  Compete in as many fishing tournaments as possible and come home with a Top 3 finish (Of course taking home the crown in any event would be icing on the cake!)  2.  Continue the growth of the Saltwater Boys Kayak Fishing Club and continue to spread the word of our great sport in a safe and positive manner.  As Nathan mentioned, organization and preparation will be the number 1 goal!  3.  Land my #1 bucket list fish:  the elusive Silver King (tarpon) from the yak while visiting Florida (In 2014, I managed to only hook up a few times.  I WILL land one in 2015!)

Buddy Freeman (Lifestyle Correspondent)


My new year’s resolution is pretty simple. I want to make more of an effort to spend more time on the water from my kayak.  Explore more waterways, and fish new areas.  I also would like to cross off a few fish from my kayak fishing bucketlist.  Red Snapper, Snook, and Tarpon are on the top of that list, but I’d like to knock off a few other species as well.  I’d also like to keep sharing in the passion of kayak fishing with my son, and promoting the sport along Florida’s Big Bend area.

Seth Dalton (Offshore Correspondent)


Each year seems to fly by a little faster that the previous year. 2014 was one of the busiest years of my life. Between the Air Force and setting up the kayak fishing department at Broxson Outdoors I didn’t get to fish as much as I would have liked. My dad taught me at a young age to fish the freshwater lakes/rivers in east TN. He also taught me that getting out on the water is therapeutic. Unfortunately in 2009 my father past away, so in 2010 in his honor I made it my goal that year to fish every week and I did. Sometimes we let life become so busy that we forget to stop and enjoy it. My 2015 resolution is going to be to get a line wet on a weekly basis, wether it’s planning an offshore trip for snapper or just sitting on dock, drinking a cold beer and watching a popping cork.  I have a few other goals this year as well. I want to land my first sail fish, compete in a few out of state tournaments along with running a few tournaments out of the Broxson Outdoors.

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