New Year’s Day Fishing Trip

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New Year’s Day is special for many reasons.  It’s beginning of a new year, and endless possibilities. Growing up we were always taught that you should always eat black eyed peas & greens on New Year’s Day, and you should never do laundry.  Also, whatever you spent the day doing on New Year’s, then that would be what you were doing the rest of the year.  Naturally, I decided to get myself in a New Year’s Day fishing trip.  Only thing that could make New Years’ that much better would be to spend it with my wife and 2 sons on the water!


everyone paddling out


Of course, I think all of those things are simply age old southern wives tales, but who am I to argue?  Any excuse to go kayak fishing is a good excuse in my book.  With our reasoning set, we loaded up the truck with my Old Town Predator MX, the wife’s Wilderness Systems Ride 115X, and my son’s Pelican Sonic 80x kayaks for our New Year’s fishing trip.  Gear loaded, we set off for our local bait shop to grab some bait and hit the water.   Our youngest, Gavin, had just got a new MTI Adventurewear Bob pfd, and our oldest, Garrett, had gotten a new Accent paddle and both were excited to use their new gear and chase some redfish.


Gavin & Kaycee with a nice redfish

Right off the bat, we notice the winds are blowing a little stronger than what we initially expected, and as luck would have it, it started sprinkling on us.  Great, our New Year’s day might get ruined before it even began!  We pushed on after checking the radar real quick from my phone, and set off to try our luck. Garrett paddled his kayak for about a mile before the winds started taking its toll on him, so I put a tow line to our kayaks to help him out.  We arrive at the creek entrance to where we’d be fishing, and I decided to take a quick cast at a submerged oyster mound.  First cast, and I landed a small speckled sea trout.  Second cast, BAM, another trout.  That’s how you start off New Year’s! I wanted to cast again, but Kaycee and Gavin had left us, and Garrett quickly let me know that we needed to go catch up to them.


Gavin’s redfish


We arrive at the redfish hole right after Kaycee & Gavin, and quickly get set up.  We were using a simple bottom rig baited with dead shrimp.  The plan was simple: pitch a bait into a deep hole and hold on.  Garrett struck first and reeled in his first redfish of the day. Gavin was right behind with a redfish of his own.  Kaycee and I planned on letting the kiddos do most of the fishing with us snagging a redfish or 2 amongst ourselves. The kids were on a roll though… catching redfish after redfish.  I have to admit, there’s nothing as awesome as seeing the excitement on a child’s face while they’re catching fish.  The excitement is pure joy.


Father & son time on the water


Garrett himself had about 5 redfish on board when he graciously offered to let me fish and catch a redfish.  I landed a couple pretty quickly, and he was already amped to get back in on the action.  He’s the sweetest little boy I know, because he said that he and I would take turns catching redfish. It pretty much went like that the rest of the day.  Kaycee and Gavin were catching redfish after redfish next to us as well.  We even had ourselves a little friendly competition; Garrett & myself against Kaycee & Gavin.  We were doing pretty good at keeping score, at one point it was our 14 fish to their 12 fish, but the bite was so strong, we all lost count.


Hooked up with a redfish


We fished til about 2pm and decided to head back in to grab some lunch before heading over to the grandparents for dinner and some fun.  We still had to get our black eyed peas and greens in for New Year’s right?  It was a great day on the water with a ton of fish caught, but it was so much more than that.  We built some great family memories, had a ton of fun, and shared in some great laughs.  That’s what kayak fishing is all about anyway right?  I certainly hope the old adage about New Year’s Day holds true, because I can think of nothing better than spending my 2015 fishing with the wife & kids, having fun, and enjoying the time out on the water.


Garrett fighting a redfish




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