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Fitzgerald Fishing recently unveiled a great looking line up of great gear for your next fishing trip. From rods to braided line to even pliers, Fitzgerald Fishing has a great assortment of new products.

New Products from Fitzgerald Fishing that are available now on their website and available for purchase at your local tackle retailer.

new products
Vursa Braid Spinning by Fitzgerald Fishing is specially designed for spinning reels. It is designed to not wind knot and tangle up like most braids do when used with spinning reels. Vursa Spinning has a nice firm body and loads on and off the spool smooth so it provides a longer smoother cast. Saltwater inshore fishing is a situation where Vursa Spinning stands out, particularly for those using spinning reels.
Put your trust in Vursa Braid it won’t let you down! Retail $29.99-$189.99
new products
The Vursa Series of rods by Fitzgerald Fishing is one of the most versatile series on the market today.  With 14 models to choose from anglers are sure to find the right fit no matter if they are bass fishing, walleye fishing or musky fishing.  Don’t let the price point fool you these are high quality rods designed by professional bass fishermen for all fishermen.  No corners were cut when designing these rods! The Vursa Series offers high quality components just like all of our rods do. The Vursa Series uses a proprietary Fitzgerald Fishing high modulus blank that is specially engineered to be extremely sensitive and designed to last. These rods utilize bullet proof Air Wave guides by American Tackle that are a ringless design so anglers won’t have any tip or guide failure.  These rods are designed to perform and are a great price point for all fishermen. Retail $129.99
new products
The Flippin’ Beads by Fitzgerald Fishing help keep your bait straight when flippin’ and pitchin’. This allows for a more natural presentation, easier penetration into vegetation, protects your knot, and they clack against the weight to make a natural feeding sound.  The Flippin’ Beads also help to prevent your soft plastic from ripping and are great for Carolina riggin’ or any other application where beads need to be used.
  • Keeps Bait Straight
  • More and Bigger Bites
  • Natural Presentation
  • Protects your knot
  • Prevents Your Bait from Ripping
  • Retail $5.99
new products

Fitzgerald Fishing Braid Scissors are extremely sharp and are designed to cut any type of fishing line with ease! They are high quality scissors and will last a long time. Keep a pair of these in your boat or tackle box for all of your cutting needs.

  • High quality
  • Cuts all types of fishing line
  • Built to last
  • Serrated edge
  • Super sharp
  • Retail $4.99

Micro Split Ring Pliers

new products

Fitzgerald Fishing Micro Split Ring Pliers are an extremely versatile tool for changing treble hooks, cutting line and unhooking fish. They are titanium coated so they are saltwater and corrosion resistant.

  • Titanium coated
  • Saltwater grade
  • Split ring tool
  • Line cutter that will cut braid, mono and fluorocarbon
  • Spring loaded
  • High quality
  • Retail $9.99
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