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New fishing lures will definitely get us excited. It’s something that will have anglers salivating like the kid desperately waiting to blow out the candles to dig into that birthday cake. We all have our favorite new fishing lures, regardless of what type of fishing we do or where we’re fishing. Here’s a look at some amazing new fishing lures we discovered at this year’s ICAST show.

New Fishing Lures

There was definitely an amazing array of new fishing lures at this year’s ICAST show. Many of the brands we’ve all come to know over the years and have trusted for just as long too. Bass Assassin, Rapala, Livingston Lures, Live Target are just a few of the brands we met with. Here’s an in-depth view of the many amazing new fishing lures from ICAST 2016.

Bass Assassin

new fishing lures

Bass Assassin continued their long tradition of being one of the top brands of soft plastic lures and added several new colors to an already impressive line of fishing lures. With names like Texas Hippie, Butt Naked, Magic Grass, Purple Ice, Fried Chicken, and Candy Cane, you’re sure to find the color to land your next trophy fish and have fun doing it!

new fishing lures

Magic Grass

new fishing lures

Butt Naked


Livingston Lures

new fishing lures

Livingston Lures feature Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS™) Technology, which is embedded on a smart chip in the internal sound chamber of each lure. This EBS Technology™ makes natural sounds mimicking baitfish that bass, walleye, pike, redfish, striper, perch and all predatory fish feed on.

PoBoy 90

new fishing lures

Designed to be jerked or twitched with a slow sink like the real deal. Add in EBS Shrimp sounds and there is no artificial shrimp lure available that can present this kind of ultra-realism. Great for saltwater and freshwater anglers looking to fool the fish and secure more hook ups with this crustacean mimicking lure. MSRP $9.99

EBS Mullet


Mullet are erratic darting gamefish that swim in warm coastal water and our EBS Mullet will copy that action and also has a unique side-to-side flashing wobble while sinking. Combine that with the natural mullet or croaker sounds of EBS Sound Technology to attract and call fish from twice as far as traditional lures. A universal baitfish sized lure specifically designed to target Redfish and Trout for inshore anglers but will definitely find a place targeting many other saltwater gamefish. MSRP $9.99

Dive Master Jr 8


The new DM JR 8 is a traditionally proven small profile design with an 8-foot diving depth and square bill that produces an irresistible side-to-side action with the ability of deflect off structure that’s applicable all year long. Add in EBS sound technology and the angler gets the added advantage of
nature to call the fish from twice the distance as the traditional lure and dominate the water. MSRP $7.99

Savage Gear

new fishing lures

Savage Gear lures are the result of a team of worldwide anglers that approach each day on the water with uncommon ambition and a driving desire to take down the largest predatory fish in the water. The attitude is less about sharing a beautiful day fishing and much more about total domination of a water body. Logging hundreds of thousands of hours with a fishing rod in hand, their experience is translated into swimbait, crankbait, and soft plastic lure actions. The goal is savage strikes – strikes carried out with complete, absolute and total commitment from the fish to kill and eat the lure.

Suicide Duck


Each Spring, a new crop of ducklings hatches across North American ponds, lakes and big rivers. In their early days, these young are an easy meal for big bass, musky and pike. The new Savage Gear Suicide Duck mimics a distressed hatchling that’s been separated from the brood, offering an easy meal, and generating explosive strikes from the largest fish. The Suicide Duck is a dual prop topwater bait available in two sizes, 4.25” (1oz.) and 6” (2.75oz.) and three colors, Yellow Duck, Wood Duck and Black Bird. This hard body bait fishes on a straight wind, or a pull and pause retrieve, with spinning feet throwing water in all directions to pull fish from great distances. The body sits low in the water with an outstretched head position, exactly like ducks that are trying to hide from predators.

3D Bluegill


Wherever bluegill are present, they are heavily targeted by bass, pike, musky and a multitude of gamefish. Based on a 3-dimensional scan of actual bluegill and featuring true-to-life Savage Gear swimbait action, the 3D Bluegill swimbait blurs the line between live bait and artificial like no previous lure has ever accomplished. The 3D Bluegill is available in two sizes and four colors. The 5-inch length is rigged with fixed hooks. The 6-inch 3D Bluegill features line-thru rigging with available top or bottom hook positions. Both sizes are available in the angler’s choice of floating or sinking, and four colors that include Light Gill, Dark, Gill, Redear and Citrus Gill.

TP Crab 2″

TPE Crab Hero Shot

A fishing industry Best of Show award winner in 2014, the Savage Gear Crab family has been expanded with a new 2-inch size that fits between current 1- and 3-inch models to perfectly match prevalent bait size. Tarpon, redfish and bottom fish anglers now have an exacting artificial in fisheries where crab dominate the bite. The Savage Gear TPE Crab is constructed from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) material. In comparison to standard PVC models, these baits are ultra-tough, standing up to large predators through many battles. TPE material also allows for refined finishes that come together with 3-dimensional scanning to create a world-class imitation.



new fishing lures

Passion, Innovation, Performance… Words that characterize SEBILE. Every lure is built to exacting standards to complement every angler’s ability. From the highest quality hooks and components to lifelike features and finishes, each lure delivers ultimate performance.

Magic Swimmer


The second generation Magic Swimmer reflects his vision of a lure that undulates its jointed body and presents a very natural swimming action that attracts saltwater species such as Striped bass, California yellowtail off the islands of southern California as well as tarpon and redfish along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. With enhanced features like refined colors, added body detailing and reinforced mesh body, the Magic Swimmer is better than ever. Sebile also improved materials to battle the saltwater conditions by giving anglers stronger hooks and split rings. MSRP of $12.99 – $19.99.

Stick Shadd


Sebile has overhauled the Stick Shadd for 2017 with enhancements to body detail on the face and gill plate as well as more realistic body texturing. The second generation is better than ever and is offered at a new lower price. The refined colors, pull test and heat reinforced body and upgrades to terminal components give anglers the Stick Shadd durability and staying power when harsh saltwater conditions and strong fish come calling. Sinking and fast-sinking models are perhaps the most versatile overall because they can be used at any depth from top to bottom. Suspending versions are ideal jerkbaits when finicky predatory fish prefer their prey to sit horizontal and not rise or sink. MSRP of $6.99 to $19.99



As its name suggests, the Sebile Vibrato has a natural vibrating action. But unlike any other vibrating lure it vibrates on the fall, when jigged, twitched, retrieved steadily or trolled in any way and at any speed. The unique constant vibration is due to the design of the body being deeply compressed with a wider belly and a thinner back, causing it to vibrate regardless of how it is fished. Equipped with two treble hooks, one on each end, the Vibrato is ideal for light biting fish where two trebles ensure more fish come to the boat or ice shack. MSRP of $5.99 to $6.99



new fishing lures

At Berkley we have one simple mission: To be the world’s leading authority and cutting-edge expert on how to use testing, research, and technology to help people catch more fish. It’s clear and uncomplicated. It’s in our DNA. And it feels good. In fact, it feels great. We understand our sworn duty. We get to engage our minds. We get to employ our hearts. We get to bring joy into people’s lives. And we get to do it all for the love of fishing.

Berkley Gulp

new fishing lures

Recent developments have lead the Berkley team to create a new and enhanced Gulp!® formula that is now 35-percent more effective than the original. Berkley designed Gulp! as an artificial lure to challenge the inherent characteristics of live bait with a formula that increases scent dispersion in the water. The Gulp! line-up has the assortment of actions, colors and shapes of popular soft plastic baits for both freshwater and saltwater species. Aside from being 35-percent more effective, the newly formulated Gulp! is giving anglers a better user experience by updating its packaging. Berkley has added a new Leak Seal Zipper for easier access to baits while keeping the new formula locked in and fresh. MSRP begins at $3.99 for Gulp! and $9.95 for Gulp! Alive!®.


new fishing lures

A lipless crankbait with all the flash is getting some new colors. The Warpig adds Bleeding Shiner, Brown Craw, Firetiger, Midnight Pearl, Purdy Shad and Rubbertail to its wide variety of color offerings. Features include: Aggressive action, Blunt Nose deflects off structure, Maximum sound and vibration, and Lipless sinking bait. MSRP for the Berkley Hardbait line is $6.95 to $7.95.

Road Runner


new fishing lures

The Road Runner © advantage begins with the position of the blade… 1. Because fish \”live\” on the bottom and look “up”, the Road Runner is easier for fish to see.  2. The blade rarely tangles with your fishing line like “safety pin” spinners.  3. The blade position also doesn’t interfere with hook-ups. I’ve been a fan of the Road Runner jigheads for several months now, and the new lures look amazing!

Bozka Salt Runner Lures

509 SR

Bozka Salt Runners were inspired by renowned inshore angler, Larry Bozka, conservationist and outdoor media legend from Texas. These feature holographic finish, 3D eyes, Daiichi FNT Point Hook, and button-tailed Bang Shad bodies. The ENTIRE lure vibrates! They cast like a 1/4oz lure, but retrieves like a 1/8oz! The Bozka Salt Runners will be available in 22 colors and will be available in November 2016. MSRP $8

Awesome Walleye Runner Lures

TARW 842

Introducing the first underspin lure for walleye! One of the winningest pros ever on the walleye curcuits, Tommy Skarlis, teamed up with Rad Runner to make the first underspin lure ever for walleye. They feature a holographic finish, 3d eyes, Nickel Willows #3, and Button-Tail Shad Bodies. Available in 1/4 and 3/8oz sizes in 15 colors. These lures will be available in November 2016. MSRP $8

Bucktail Pro Runner

BP 116

Professional bass anglers are using hair jigs to win big tournaments. Road Runner Bucktail Pro Runners feature the original Road Runner head design, holographic eyes, nickel willows, & Buck-Aire. Premium Needlepoint hooks round out the superb quality. The Bucktail Pro Runner will be available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2oz sizes in 8 colors. Available in November 2016. MSRP $6



new fishing lures

D.O.A. Lures are the most versatile lure on the market today! Mark Nichols started with one 3″ Shrimp and has grown D.O.A.Fishing Lures into a company that now has over 20 different lure families with over 120 different colors. D.O.A. lures now covers both Saltwater and Freshwater fishing. Whether your Snook fishing in Stuart Florida, or ice fishing in Vermont, D.O.A. has the right lure for you.

12″ Sna-Koil

new fishing lures

The 12″ Sna-Koil pro-style snake is so close to the real thing it’s scary. A true snake shape the Sna-Koil’s life like profile slithers through weed lines and over matted vegetation producing heart thumping strikes Fished weighted, Tex- posed, Carolina or Drop shot. Its unique coiling action triggers strikes from stubborn fish when others can’t. Available in 4 colors with more on the way.


new fishing lures

Many anglers absolutely love the durability and fishing ability of the Z Man lures. We checked out some of the new gear coming out from Z Man, and we’re definitely on the bandwagon. We cannot wait for these to hit stores so we can give them a fishing workout.

EZ ShrimpZ

new fishing lures

An ultra-realistic, pre-rigged shrimp imitator that’s ready to fish straight out of the package, the 3.5″ EZ ShrimpZ Rigged is equally at home whether fished beneath a popping cork or free lined. Its durable, buoyant ElaZtech construction outlasts other shrimp imitations and facilitates a slow, controlled fall on slack line that—in harmony with its segmented body and thin legs and antenna—produces the look, movement, and feel of the ‘Real McCoy.’ A heavy duty, weighted Mustad UltraPoint rides snugly in its molded body cavity and stays securely in place after repeated strikes and hard casts. Available in 8 proven color schemes designed to fit both clear and muddy water scenarios, a 2-pack of rigged 10X Tough EZ ShrimpZ is an excellent value at a $6.99 retail price point.

T.R.D. TubeZ

new fishing lures

Engineered with a solid nose for easy rigging on Finesse ShroomZ jigheads, the 2.75″ T.R.D. TubeZ exemplifies, quite simply, the perfect Ned Rig-sized tube bait profile that’s ideal for both Midwest finesse bass and crappie fishing tactics. Its buoyant ElaZtech makeup and thin, round tentacles cause the bait to stand up and come to life at rest, and its salted, super-soft, and dimpled body provides an incredibly natural feel to ensure longer holds and more consistent hooksets. Available in 8 dependable colors, a six-pack of the T.R.D. TubeZ retails for $4.49.

Swimmin Trout Trick 3.5″

new fishing lures

Hallmark TroutTrick ribbed body and exclusive, curved paddle tail produces vibrant, undulating swimming action. Designed for seatrout, but versatile profile and lifelike movement is also a proven producer for bass, redfish, flounder, snook, stripers and more. Sized to pair perfectly with Trout Eye jiheads, creating the ideal combo for specks and other inshore species. Available in 14 proven saltwater colors, with 6 baits per pack. $5.99 MSRP.

Live Target

new fishing lures

The founding principle of the LIVETARGET brand is to create the most realistic, life-like, and anatomically accurate fishing lures that “Match the Hatch”, to target all varieties of    game fish in both fresh and saltwater markets.

Golden Shiner

new fishing lures

From shallow pencil reeds and eelgrass to deeper hydrilla lines, the Golden Shiner Swimbaits are designed for the shallow water fisheries, where giant bass often chase this elusive baitfish. With two sizes and a medium-slow sink rate, these swimbaits will make even a veteran “shiner fisherman” take a second look. MSRP $13.49 – $14.49


new fishing lures

The Mullet swimbait is perfect for exciting inshore action. This soft plastic life-like Mullet can be used in skinny water, over grass and shallows or for fishing in current. The tight tail action brings the Mullet to life. The Mullet Swimbait is the ideal live bait alternative. MSRP $10.99 – $11.99


new fishing lures

Fish the LIVETARGET Pinfish Swimbait neat pilings, rocks, mangroves, docks, grass flats or other structure where fish hide. This swimbait is factory rigged with a heavy-duty hook; be ready to heave big fish out of cover with confidence. MSRP $9.99 – $10.99

Culprit Lures

new fishing lures

Culprit brand soft-plastic lures have been helping fishermen catch Bass since 1979 and is one of the worlds leading brands. This year at ICAST, Culprit/Riptide lures introduced a new 6″ Fat Max and the Riptide Sardine.

6″ Fat Max

new fishing lures

By popular demand, Culprit now offers its Fat Max worm series in 6-inch size to compliment the existing 7- and 9-inch offerings. The Culprit 6” Fat Max provides you with another option in your arsenal. It has the same great action and thicker body as your 7” and 9” Fat Max has with the smaller profile to be your new favorite finesse flipping bait. When bass are feeding on smaller fish, the 6” Fat Max is the “go-to” size. Great for river systems or heavy fishing pressure.

Riptide Sardine

new fishing lures

The Sardine has a weedless body design that it perfectly balanced to provide the perfect live bait action. Featuring a finely detailed soft-plastic body with lifelike and ultra kicking, vibrating tail. The Riptide Sardine is available in 9 colors and is offered in packs of 3″ and 4″.

Mann’s Bait

new fishing lures

Mann’s Bait Company, a leading manufacturer of all types of artificial lures, produces the industry’s most widely recognizable brands for fresh and saltwater fishing markets. All of our lures are manufactured right here in America, and distributed nationally, as well as in over 50 countries around the world.

Manns Big 4-0

new fishing lures

Always an innovator, Mann’s Bait Company was the first to smash the 20-foot barrier for crankbaits with the Depth Series 20+. Years later, Mann’s made going deeper easier than ever with the E-Z Crank 30+. Now, Mann’s introduces the Big 4-0™; the first true, 40+ foot crankbait to hit the market. This is not a trolling bait, this is a traditional “throw it out and crank it” style hard bait. Featuring the same patented lip design as previous deep diving Mann’s lures, The Big 4-0™ gets down to where the big bass hide. The biggest lure in the DL (Deep Ledge) Series from Mann’s, the Big 4-0™ weighs in at just over 2.5 ounces, is 6.5″ long, and 1.75″ wide across the front. It looks, swims, and dives just like a real baitfish. Everyone knows that big bass feed on big baits. Ledge fishermen know bass will go deep due to thermocline conditions, or searching for food sources. This lure will dive to 40 feet or more on a 100 foot cast on 30# braid. Like the other lures in the DL Series, the Big 4-0™ features a stunning, 30 step process custom paint job, platinum black premium 2/0 trebles, and the quality Mann’s guarantee.



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