New Fishing Lures at the ICAST 2018 Show

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Fishing lures have certainly come a long ways. It’s still amazing how these new fishing lures have so much action to them and simply look so realistic. ICAST 2018 definitely had its share of all the amazing new lures coming out soon.


Twitch Minnow

new fishing lures

The master lurecrafters at LIVETARGET have engineered a truly unique soft plastic, the Twitch Minnow, with a profile that mimics a myriad of minnows, providing anglers with a truly versatile bait with universal appeal for countless species in waters across the globe.

Commotion Mullet

The Commotion Mullet, which couples an ultra-realistic, mullet profile hollow body topwater to a free-wheeling spinner blade tail. Precision balanced and tuned to fish slow and steady, or fast and furious, the Commotion Mullet is ready to turn the heads and open the mouths of inshore, nearshore, and offshore fish species.

Croaker Swimbait

The Croaker Swimbait synthesizes biologically precise anatomical features and color patterns with biometric action and robust saltwater components, to create a swimbait that will turn predator heads from Cape Cod, through the Gulf of Mexico, to the California coast and beyond. Unique three-dimensional anatomical features, including fins, tail, head and eyes, couple with a true-to-life baitfish profile to synthesize the perfect illusion of a living croaker.

Hollow Body Craw

LIVETARGET’s bass-crazy lure designers are proud to introduce the revolutionary Hollow Body Craw, an avant-garde bait that combines form and function. A paradigm-shifting blend of critical elements from two distinct lure families – bass jigs and hollow body topwaters – the Hollow Body Craw is a unique, must-cast lure for both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Fleeing Shrimp

The action packed LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp is, at its heart, a soft lure, but one that uniquely replicates a natural shrimp’s appearance. A portion of this biometric perfection stems from having a body size and shape that accurately recalls a living shrimp, bristling with three-dimensional anatomical features including tail and thorax segmentation, eyes, antennae, and more. A custom-designed jighead sporting an extra-strong, corrosion-resistant hook blends seamlessly with the Fleeing Shrimp’s soft body, accentuating the lure’s ultra-natural profile.

Z-Man Lures

Double Willow Blade

Designed in conjunction with Bassmaster Classic champion, Luke Clausen. The Double Willow Blade StabilTrack head design features industry-first grooved underbelly that eliminates rolling. Creating the perfect flare effect, the SlingBladeZ’s 100-percent silicone skirt adheres tightly to the head with hand-tied copper wire (unlike flimsy rubber bands, copper doesn’t break). Beneath its vigorous skirt, a wire trailer keeper pins soft ElaZtech baits and traditional plastics securely to the lure’s 5/0 VMC® O’Shaughnessy hook.


Simultaneously, advancing the Ned Rig into the realm of realism, Z-Man has revealed its next-gen finesse bait, the TRD CrawZ. Marrying snag immunity with subtlety, the two new Z-Man offerings come together to greatly expand the versatility of an already exceptional method.

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Luke Clausen, who wielded prototypes of the new TRD CrawZ all last year, says the 2-1/2-inch ElaZtech® bait brings biological realism to the basic ‘Ned’ arrangement. “First thing you notice about the TRD CrawZ is how it stands up on bottom and waves its claws, just like a little crayfish,” observed longtime Z-Man Clausen. “How many other crayfish baits can do that?”

Trout Trick Jerk ShrimpZ

The Jerk ShrimpZ’s ElaZtech composition gives the bait a softness and durability that doesn’t seem to make sense—particularly for anglers accustomed to more rigid plastics that quickly tear apart. The specialized softbait material also yields a final, decisive advantage: buoyancy and an upright underwater posture.


Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet Size 06

The latest addition to Rapala’s iconic X-Rap family of lures, the new size 06 Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet boasts a subtle, relaxed, side-to-side swimming motion designed to deliver a wide-twitching walk-the-dog action. Constructed with an X-Style translucent body and lifelike 3D holographic eyes, the new Twitchin Mullet is the ideal bait for coveted inshore gamefish species.

Shad Dancer

Swimming with a silent but aggressive hard-thumping and sweeping tail action, Shad Dancers offer the excitement of a Rapala Tail Dancer in a shad-profile bait. They feature a tough balsa body that dives 7-to-10 feet whether cast or trolled. The new No. 4 Shad Dancer weighs 3/16 ounce and comes armed with two No. 8 VMC treble hooks.


Water Dragon

The Water Dragon is designed to impress. From head to tail and with form, function and many more action-features than a standard lizard. First the head is designed with gills and gill filaments for a new look and extra gliding function on Carolina rigs. The body is filled with detail and contour to make a more realistic presentation, reflecting light in many directions and breaking up the image. A lateral line is also incorporated that can be easily adapted with a marker-style pen for added color along with a large flat spot on the tail.

Original Culprit Worm

A proven leader, The Culprit Worm has outperformed all others— continuing a tradition of catching more and bigger bass. Its “kicking” tail and unique color selections give anglers the extra edge.

Odin Lure Company

FRIGG 0.5 oz. Floating: Top-Water Walking Popper

This little popper might be a mere half ounce, but it packs a wallop. Don’t be afraid to take on hog smallies or monster Northern Pike. This is an absolute killer in small streams and ponds where the baitfish aren’t big. Give it a twitch, let it pause on the surface, give it a few more seconds on the pause, repeat. Wait for the surface to explode with force. The lightness and buoyancy help when wagging from side to side or a dancing retrieve.

FRIGG 0.75 oz. Sinking Lipless Jerk-Bait

This is the Odin Lure Company sinking lipless jerk bait. Like all Lure Company lures it has an integral baitwell for placing FISHSMACK to attract and catch more fish. This long-casting, deep sinking jerk-bait will work the water column for suspended monster fish. The action mimics a wounded baitfish trophy fish can not resist. Add the FISH SMACK for your target species and this presentation wreaks havoc like a junkyard dog.
FRIGG 2.5oz Sinking Top-Water Popper

Unlike Ordinary fishing lures. ODIN Lures have a built in bait well that oozes fish attractant! When you use an ODIN Lure Company fish catching system you can drive past the bait shop. You won’t need minnow-buckets, live bait coolers, aerator systems, batteries, gallons of cold water and all the other contraptions for keeping bait alive. Only to have dead bait in the end. With ODIN Lure Company fish catching systems you do not have struggle to get the live bait on the hook. No more chasing struggling minnows, squirming nightcrawlers, sucking leaches, kicking shrimp or snapping crayfish to be threaded onto the hook.


Bandit Rack-It

The new Rack-It combines deflection, action and sound for a fully well-rounded square bill crankbait. The square bill design through rocks and wood, bouncing off everything it hits. The molded in square bill is shaved on the edges which combined with the ideal pull point creates an aggressive, erratic hunting action at any retrieval speed without losing control and running on its side. Another unique feature separating the Rack-It from the pack is the unique sound. Emitting from a rattle chamber inside the butyrate body is a sound totally new to the bass sure to spur a violent reactive response.


Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow

The new 4.5″ Jointed Wake Minnow is a mirror image of the original, just smaller. All the features that made the larger bait so successful are retained for the reduced version. The bill design on the floating bait causes the lure to swim through the water just below or  creating a V-wake fish can’t ignore. The bait is simple to work and swims perfectly with little effort by the angler at a steady retrieve. The Jointed Wake Minnow can also be fished like a jerkbait. The shape and 1/2-ounce weight of the 4.5″ Jointed Wake Minnow creates easy and accurate casting.


Booyah Squelcher

The new Booyah Squelcher is a typical size buzz bait that is designed to be “buzzed” slower without sinking. The Squelcher has a quick-planing head with a keel configured to keep the bait running true. The unique S-curved blade is the secret to the slow retrieve capability. The blade cups more water producing a bit more drag. This added drag permits the Squelcher to be worked much slower, extending time in the strike zone.


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