Memorial Day on Lake Broward

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On Memorial Day weekend, the family and I were invited by Mike and Denise Wallace to spend the holiday weekend at their house on Lake Broward in Pomona Park.  Pomona Park is a little south of Palatka, Florida. We were all excited to get away for the weekend and spend Memorial Day with family and friends, and of course, spend a little time in the yaks on the water.

Now, Lake Broward is notoriously known for producing huge largemouth bass.  I sneakily told the wife that we had to bring the kayaks on the trip with us, because her Aunt Denise wanted to try fishing from a kayak.  At least that’s what I was telling the wife, the truth of the matter was that I was thinking the whole time that I needed to spend some time on the Old Town Predator MX for a little fishing time for myself.  With the story holding ground, we loaded up the Native Slayer 12 and the Old Town Predator MX into the truck with all of our fishing gear.  We loaded everything up the night before our trip so we could get an early start, especially with an almost 2 hour drive south to the lake house.  We finally arrived at the lake house at around 8:30am, and we wasted no time getting the yaks and fishing gear unloaded so we could get in on the early morning bite.

lily pads for article

working the lily pads for some largemouth bass

We started out in a shallow water cove that was a short paddle away from the launch.  Jr. Outlaw, Austin, wasted no time in showing his old dad just how it’s done by landing the first bass of the day as he worked a speed worm over the lily pads that littered the shallow water cove.  It was long afterwards that I joined in on the fun by landing my first largemouth of the day on a Live Target frog lure that I was working over the top of the lily pads. We managed a few more largemouth bass out of that little cove before the bite turned off, so we paddled back to the house to join in on the family fun that was going on.


Austin with a nice bass

The next morning, Sunday, Austin and his Aunt Denise took the kayaks out for the early morning bite as I had grilling duties for the day. Austin continued where he left off by locking back into those largemouth bass.  Our Aunt Denise also got in on the fun and landed a few largemouth bass herself.  Her first time out fishing in a kayak, and she had an amazing time.  As a matter of fact, Denise is now hooked on the sport of kayak fishing, and they’re already searching for their first new kayak.  Funny how it only seems to take a single trip for someone to see just how much fun kayak fishing is, that they’re hooked, and ready to join the ranks of kayak anglers.

cove pic for article

small cove where we found the bass

On Monday, I decided I needed a little solo time on the water, so I jumped into the Predator MX to go searching for some largemouth bass myself.  I decided to try a new direction and learn a little more about Lake Pomona.  I found a quiet little cove away from the main part of the lake.  It didn’t look like it had been fished much due to its being off a small little channel where it opened up to a wide cove with shallow water.  It had shallow water near the banks with some structure, but deepened up near the small channel, and it sure looked like it would hold a ton of fish.  I started working the Live Target frog over the pockets of lily pads.  I’d sling the frog as far as I could into the lily pads, then drag it into the openings in the lily pads.  Within the first three casts, I hit gold with my first largemouth bass of the day.  He only weighed about a pound, but he definitely put up a good little fight.  I fished that area for about 45 minutes and landed few more largemouth, before needing to head back in to the house to join the family and celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.

bass pic for article

small bass nailed the Live Target frog

Overall, it was a great weekend at Lake Broward.  Spending time with family and sneaking in some kayak fishing is my perfect way to spend a weekend.  We even introduced a newcomer to our sport, which is always a great feeling.  I can’t wait for the next trip to spend the weekend at Lake Broward and chase some more largemouth bass.

bass pic 2 for article

another bass from the weekend

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