Manley Rods: Gold and Platinum Series

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Manley Rods is our feature for Day 24 of the Reviews of Christmas.  Largely known for great custom fishing rods and over the top customer service, Manley Rods now introduces a new line of rods.  Check out Manley Rods and the new Gold & Platinum series!

Christmas eve, Day 24 brings us a company that is growing at a unbelievable rate, Manley Rods.. There is a reason this company is growing so fast, but not just one reason there are many. Serious innovative thinking, ideal designs for kayaking, some of the top designers in the country helping and probably the best customer service I have had the experience of dealing with.

Manly Rods Custom

Terry Manley is known for the Adjust a Butt system that has been talked about by some of the best anglers around, but he has teamed up with world recognized Mark Crouse to bring you the best rods on the market. Up until now you had to order a custom rod from Manley Rods. These custom rods were built with extreme precision for your target species and technique. Terry didn’t stop there though, he would go above and beyond getting to know the customer and adding personalization’s like nicknames, quotes, images and more. So not only did the customer receive a rod that was ideal for their situation they got a personalized rod that was one of a kind.


So whats this Manly Rod Adjust a Butt system I am talking about? This is a system designed to allow the angler to adjust the length of the rod on the fly. Having the ability to do this gives your rod the ability to throw a wider range of baits, allows you to get the butt of the rod out of the way when sitting in a kayak, but still be able to drop it right back out for fighting that big fish and even allows for an easier top water action because the butt doesn’t hit your forearm. This system is ideal for the kayak angler for a multitude of reasons only a few of which I have listed.

Now Terry, Mark and Robert Field are bringing you a production line. No these rods wont have the customization that the custom rods have, but they will bring you a truly custom blank built by the best, the unmatched sensitivity, power and castability which Manley Rods are known for. The production line will be available on the website as well as numerous stores across the country with a list that continues to grow every day. There will be numerous models available but the ones that stick out to me are the kayak line. 12 Gold Series and 12 Platinum Series rods designed with a one thing in mind, the kayak angler. I mean right down to adding a forgrip for when you get the fish close to the kayak.

Manley Rods production series

The Gold Series Rods are built with top of the line parts like Fuji one piece reel seats giving great sensitivity, American Tackle micro guides with stainless centers, EVA grips and to top it off the MRF system. This rod will have an estimated retail price of $159.95.

The Platinum Series Rod will have the same custom blank as the Gold Series rods. However it will have 2 piece Fuji reel seat allowing your fingers to be in direct contact with the blank for unmatched sensitivity, American Tackle micro guides with a titanium center cutting the amount of friction on line as it passes through the guides to almost nothing, a Matte finish making the rod more durable, top of the line cork grips and the MRF system. The Platinum Series will have an estimated retail of $225.

Now when you look at features, sensitivity, versatility, power and price these Manley Rods are hard to beat and will rival if not surpass many high end rods on the market. These rods are spreading through the kayak industry like wildfire and the only way for you to find out why is to put one your hand. You will see and feel the difference and drool over the MRF system and its functionality.


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2 Responses to Manley Rods: Gold and Platinum Series

  1. Dan McGowan says:

    I lost one of my manley rows over the side of my yak and am looking to replace it. I’m getting a warning on there email address not to click on more info, any ideas as to what’s up there. Let me know it you can THANKS DAN

  2. Tony Hart says:

    honestly no idea Dan. To be honest, I don’t even know if Manley Rods is still in existence.

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