LIVETARGET Sardine Swimbait Review

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The LIVETARGET Sardine Swimbait has proven its worth after seven months of consistently putting fish in the boat. This exciting new lure is setting new industry standards.

Dead or Alive or LIVETARGET

Any fisherman will tell you that live bait will always out preform dead bait or lures. In the past few years that gap has dramatically changed for the better. With laser scanning technology being used to model new lures it has become very hard to tell the difference between the two. Couple that with some of the scent’s available and you have a deadly combination. This is especially appealing to kayak anglers as carrying live bait on a kayak presents a whole host of issues. But all the advances in technology come with a price tag that a lot of anglers question “Are they worth it?” To be honest some are and some are not. Of course that is all relative to what you are willing to spend. Lure prices in general have all gone up like everything else in the world.

There are two companies that have taken duplicating real life to a whole new level over the last few years. LIVETARGET and Savage Gear are leading the industry in affordable realistic replication of live bait actions and design. Today we are focusing on LIVETARGET and in particular the new swim baits.

live target

I am definitely a soft plastic fan over hard baits going back to my very early youth in bass fishing. They present a far more natural looking food source than most hard baits. This tends to make them easier to use and the majority can be rigged weedless. The weedless factor is a tremendous bonus on the waters I prefer to fish where heavy structure and vegetation rule the day.

The number one downside to all soft plastic or rubber lures is durability. Most soft plastics you get a couple of fish out of before they are done and sometimes not even that. So when you start getting close to ten dollar apiece range for a single soft plastic bait some people are going balk. And I will admit that I was one of those people in the beginning.

I started using LIVETARGET Lures about 4-5 years ago with the Hollow Body Frog for bass and snakeheads. Since then I have used eight different LIVETARGET lures (soft and hard baits) catching lots of fish on all of them. With time under my belt on their products and knowing how successful I have been I was less reluctant to try the new swim baits. In February I had a 100.00 dollar Bass Pro gift card burning a whole in my pocket so I plunked it down and bought eight of the Sardine’s in green.

We (being the wife and I) have only used four of them so far with the first one catching over two dozen fish before being retired. Snook counted for over half of those fish, other species were trout, redfish, ladyfish, small grouper, mangrove snapper, and jacks. My wife’s very first two snook were both caught on the sardine. So durability is not an issue here. Three points on this are (1) if something with serious dentures gets a hold of it it will be toast like any other soft plastic. (2) Taking care while removing the lures from the fish’s mouth will greatly extend the life of the lure. (3) If you get snagged on something you are better off going to retrieve it instead of trying to yank it free. I carved one up on a an oyster shoal and tore the face off of another trying to tear it loose from some branches. Lessons learned. All of the fish were caught on a straight steady retrieve making this one of the easiest lures to use.

The sardine comes in two sizes and colors 3 ½” at ½ oz. and 4 ½” at 1 oz. both have the same fall rate at one foot per second. It is pre-rigged so just tie it on and get to fishing. LIVETARGET provides a video tutorial on rigging and presentation you can find here.

While on the subject I have heard a lot of people say they prefer to rig their own swim baits and under certain conditions this can have its advantages. The main argument I hear for this is because the baits are cheaper. Well given the number of fish I catch on just one of the Live Target swim baits and a comparable size bait in a multipack will only have 3-4 baits in it I would argue it’s about the same price. The issues you run into rigging your own is it tracking straight first and getting the fall rate right. Never have to worry about that with these because of the internal weights. And if you want to change the fall rate you can add a little weight to the accessory loop on the bottom or slow it down a bit with a spinner blade while adding some flash. Another option is to add a stinger hook here.

All of the swim bait line are anatomically correct and make use of the dorsal fin as a natural weed guard for the heavy duty wide gap hook. It has worked perfectly for me so far. As with any swim bait you will get some weed buildup on the nose where the knot is tied.

With all our current success using these swim baits they have become our go to confidence bait for the flats here in central Florida. So for us we no longer need live bait while we have LIVETARGET. Give them a shot I promise you wont be disappointed.

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