Kid Friendly Wahoo 10.5: Kaku Kayak

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Often we tend to focus on the fellas when it comes to fishing gear and gift guides for the holiday season. Yeah, we throw some gear for the lady anglers, but we often forget about our junior anglers. Well, not this year! Introducing the Wahoo 10.5, which is very kid friendly for your holiday gift guide.We see it all the time on the various social media kayak fishing group pages. Someone will ask for suggestions on a good kayak for their junior angler. The problem is the kayaks that are suggested are simple big box retailer style kayaks that the kid won’t even be able to use anymore in a couple of years. Why not choose a kayak that will take of the junior angler now and years into their young fishing adventures?


For Day 15 of the Yak Outlaws Holiday Gift Guide, we suggest taking some time to check out the Wahoo 10.5 from Kaku Kayaks. This kayak is not only kid friendly, but dad can even “borrow” it for a day out on the water. The Wahoo 10.5 is super stable, paddles easy, and the perfect blend of being kid friendly, yet tough enough to handle an adult angler.

With a length of only 10.5′ the Wahoo is easily maneuverable for any kid angler. The width of 33″ means you won’t have to worry about your junior angler tipping the kayak. Not to mention the tri-hull technology that Kaku employs which gives the Wahoo 10.5 its stability. The weight is only 66lbs, which makes it easier to load and unload for mom and dad after a long day of fishing. The weight capacity is a stunning 375lbs, which means it will not only support your kid angler and all of their gear, but mom or dad can also fish off the Wahoo 10.5.

This Christmas, why not surprise your junior angler with a gift that they’ll love for years to come. A gift that will help grow their passion for the outdoors, the kid friendly Wahoo 10.5.


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