Kayak fishing sponsorship

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Kayak fishing is easily one of the fastest growing sports in the country, with an estimated 1.4 million kayak anglers.  Of course, with this massive growth into the sport that we all love and cherish, companies are taking advantage with new products each and every day to provide the kayak angler with more “toys” to play with while on the water.  I’ve also seen with this growth of our sport, more and more kayak anglers jumping onto the “pro staff” wagon.  While I’ll admit that many are very honorable in their actions and promote the sport with products that they commonly use and honestly like, there are those out there who simply “pro staff” for the sake of getting free or discounted gear.  I believe this type of action provides more harm and doesn’t benefit the sport at all.  It gives those who are actually out there for the right reasons as well as the sport itself a bad name, and can put a bad taste in a manufacturer’s mouth.  If you’re a kayak angler who truly wishes to grow in the sport of kayak angling and want to promote a product, take the time to truly know about the product and use it, so when asked, you have a valuable and working knowledge of the product.  While having free and discounted gear is a nice asset, simply taking it for the sake of taking it, doesn’t promote and help grow our sport.  I believe the ceiling on our sport is extremely high, and there’s more growth to be seen in the coming years.  It’s up to each and every one of us to promote the sport in a positive light and all work together to grow the sport in the coming years.

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  1. Matthew Baker says:

    My name is Matthew Baker and I’m competing in the NYKBF trail this year and plan on going to Nationals. I’m currently looking for a company to sponsor me and to build a long time relationship with. I am also going to be in many other tournaments as well, I have over 2,000 people on social media. If chosen to represent your company in this upcoming season, the company logo will be put on fishing Jersey, Facebook, truck and mentioned in posts/videos.

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