Kahuna SUP Maiden Voyage

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Kahuna means “a wise man or shaman” in Hawaiian according to the Oxford Dictionary. To the kayak or SUP angler, Kahuna simply means an amazing fishing platform. The Kaku Kayaks Kahuna SUP is the creation of owner Kevin Hawkins. The Kahuna SUP is designed to be a fishing machine, geared with giving the angler the ability to rig up the Kahuna SUP easily. I first learned of the Kaku Kayak Kahuna SUP some time back while attending the Surf Expo convention in Orlando, Florida. Just spending a few moments with Kevin Hawkins and you quickly learn that he’s absolutely passionate about Kaku Kayaks. I immediately fell in love with the Kahuna SUP, and knew that I’d own one for my stable. The Kahuna SUP is the perfect blank canvas when it comes to rigging ability.

The Kahuna SUP has many great features giving the angler many options for rigging the SUP for your preferred set up to chase your favorite species of fish. Among these features are a bungee tie down at the bow of the Kahuna SUP for storing ear bags or tackle trays. The Kahuna SUP also features inserts where the angler can add YakAttack slide tracks, giving the angler the ability to add rod holders or camera mounts. There is also a circular hatch near the bow for storing your valuables. The Kahuna SUP is also set up with a molded rear giving the angler the ability to add a Power Pole Micro.


Kahuna SUP

I finally got an opportunity to take my Kahuna SUP out on the water recently for a little product testing (read here that product testing is a valid excuse to go fishing when speaking with your wife who has a list of honey-do’s). On a clear and calm Sunday morning, I met up with some friends for a little fishing excursion. We decided to fish a creek that I hadn’t fished in quite some time, but knew it held quality redfish. My 2 fishing partners were fishing from their kayaks this day, while I had the Kahuna SUP rigged up and ready to tackle some redfish. There are several options when setting up your Kahuna SUP. I’d chosen to set up my Kahuna SUP with the larry chair and the Engel drybox/cooler with rod holders attached.

We set off from the launch, and I quickly learned that the Kahuna SUP paddles as well as, if not better than a kayak. I had no issues keeping up with or leaving the kayaks behind. The hull design of the Kahuna SUP gives the angler a stable platform, but also one that cuts through the water with relative ease. We reached our destination, which is a small creek on the outgoing tide. The tide had already turned and the water was pushing out rather quickly. We noticed a couple of reds busting bait, so I stood up from the larry chair, and started poling my way back deeper in the flats of this little creek. I was in about 6″ of water, when I noticed a familiar sight. A beautiful bronze figure cruising through the water looking for its next meal. I casted my bait a bit in front of the redfish and watched him swim right up and take the bait. I reeled in the slack and set the hook, and the redfish treated me to a sleigh ride, SUP style. The redfish pulled me out of the creek and flats almost back to where my buddies were watching all the excitement. I landed the redfish, took a few pics, and released her to the cooler for dinner for my in-laws.


Kahuna SUP first redfish

My first trip out on the Kahuna SUP was a great success. The Kahuna SUP is a great platform for anglers who are looking to start fishing from a Stand Up Paddleboard. The Kahuna SUP performed greatly in a variety of conditions, and I highly recommend the Kahuna SUP to anglers everywhere. If you’re looking for a great fishing platform, great stability, tons of rigging options, then you definitely need to check out the Kahuna SUP from Kaku Kayak.

Kahuna SUP

Kahuna SUP in blue camo

Kahuna SUP

  • Length: 12′
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Capacity: 280lbs
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Dry Hatch
  • Threaded inserts for adding tracks
  • Bungee area on bow
  • Power Pole integrated mount
  • MSRP: $
Kahuna SUP

Kahuna SUP specs

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