Why Kayak Fishing?

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Kayak fishing is easily one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Why? Well, I suppose there could be several reasons. Fishing from a kayak offers the angler more opportunities than say a bank or pier fisherman who are basically stuck into a smaller casting area. It’s definitely cheaper than owning a boat, with maintenance costs, fuel costs, etc. Perhaps it’s the peace of mind that comes with kayak fishing that makes it so popular. When on a kayak, you’re mere inches from the water, virtually right on top. You get to take your time and get to actually notice your surroundings. I’ve often said that when you’re out on the water in a kayak, you not only get to observe nature, but you in essence become part of it. This by no means should be misconstrued as my being against boaters or bank/pier fisherman. I’m a firm believer that you get a line wet as best you can. And, of course, I’m biased, but there are just so many fun and neat prospects when it comes to being a kayak angler. If you were someone looking into getting into the sport of kayak fishing, the options and choices can be somewhat overwhelming. There are several different manufacturers and makes of kayaks. Sit inside or sit on top? Paddle or peddle? single or tandem? The list could go on and on and on… Then once you get that part figured out, it’s now how do I rig it?!?! Of course you could scour your local kayak fishing club (yes believe me there are tons of them out there). While you’ll find there are some honestly decent people in these clubs, the problem you’ll run across is the differing opinions. I’ve always said that you can line up 100 kayak anglers and ask them all the very same question, and I’ll guarantee you’re likely to get 100 different answers! Everyone has their own particular way of rigging up a kayak, which kayak you should buy, or which products to use in said kayak. There’s nothing wrong with promoting or being particular about a brand, but keep in mind that it will be you sitting in that kayak for hours at a time, and not the guy giving you the advice. I do recommend asking and listening to the various Pro Staff guys for suggestions, but I would encourage anyone interested in getting into the sport to also do their due diligence in picking out the right kayak for themselves. How you ask? Take the time to research! Look at the specs on the kayak, it’s abilities, stable or fast. Visit your local dealer to look at the different styles. Most have the option of doing a demo of the kayak, and those who do not often set up special demo days where you can test several different brands at once. The important factor when choosing a kayak is how you feel in it. Is it comfortable? Is this something that you’ll feel comfortable fishing out of and does it have the features that will help you be successful out on the water. Look at all these things when choosing a kayak. Make good choices, and you’ll be out on the water enjoying nature and catching fish in no time!

Next time, we’ll look at rigging…

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