Family Time

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One of the greater attributes of kayak fishing is that it allows me to share my passion with my wife and my sons.  It’s a great way to spend some time with the family and create some everlasting memories.  We go out to spend some time together, enjoy a weekend day, catch fish, and simply enjoy all that nature has to offer.  My sons have both come to love going out on the kayak as much as I do, and even have their own buffs, Columbia fishing gear, and have commandeered some of my rods and reels.  I woke up this past Saturday morning, and checked the weather, and it looked like we’d finally gotten that break in the weather that we needed.  I quickly set out the boys’ clothes, and started getting the kayaks and fishing gear ready for the trip.  DSCF0598Once loaded up, we headed for my favorite bait shop and grabbed some shrimp.  The winds were a little higher than I expected, and I thought for a moment Mother Nature was going to thwart our plans, but she gave way to our family time.  We set up after a short paddle, and before long Garrett, my oldest at 5, had a nice bend in his rod so I grabbed my new Contour action cam and started recording.  He fought that fish like a seasoned pro, and I initially thought he might have himself a nice redfish, only to discover a decent sized stingray.  The cool thing about taking a kid fishing is they don’t care what’s on the other end of the line as long as it’s something!  After a quick release, we moved over to where my wife and youngest son, Gavin, were sitting.  Not long after Garrett & I set up, Kaycee has a rod bend and lands a nice lower slot redfish.  I quickly got a rod ready to cast out and put it in the rod holder for Garrett.  He didn’t have to wait too long before the rod was bent over and he was working on landing his first redfish of the day.  We only hung out on the water for a couple of hours, but it was nonstop fun watching our sons catch a nice amount of redfish.  The memories will last a lifetime, and the pictures that we taken will ensure we’ll always have those smiles to look back on and cherish.


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