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Last week I was blessed to have some “use them or lose them” vacation days.  So, I decided to use them and even though it was hot as hell I made the best of it. I am blessed to have one of my private water accesses right up the road from me so I loaded up the Native Ultimate FX12 and visited the lake almost every day last week. The fishing was a little slow due to the heat, but when the bass did bite “it was on”!

I am typically a fly fisherman but this week it was traditional tackle all the way. I loaded up my Manley Adjust-a-Butt Rods and a bag full of soft plastics, spinner baits, and some Rat-L-Traps and off I went. I mostly fished the soft plastics and had excellent success with a Zoom 6 3/4 inch motor oil color Trick Worm Texas rigged with a 1/2 ounce weight and a 2/0 hook. I fished that rig low and slow and found a number of takers every day.




My buddy Les Jackson joined me on Saturday for some fly fishing action which turned out to be the most fun day with the least fish caught.  The fish were tough to find and were not interested in anything we threw at them. Les saw some nervous water near the shoreline at one point and tossed a black and white Cats Whisker Fly in that general area and pulled out a beautiful 19 inch largemouth bass.

les bass

This lake and the creeks that feed it are always absolutely beautiful.



This day was special because as we were fishing a couple of hot air balloons flew over the lake giving us a nice show.


Even though it was a hotter-n-hell vacation, it was still spent enjoying some time on the water in my yak.  As the old saying goes, a slow day of fishing is always better than a full day at work!


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