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With the holiday season approaching, the staff at Yak Outlaws would like to pitch in to help those who are looking for great holiday gift ideas for their kayak angler.  Shopping for a kayak angler can get pretty frustrating with the amount of gear available to the kayak fishing community.  Our Holiday Gift Guide will help take out some of the stress and give your special kayak angler something to smile about for the holiday. We’ll break down our gift ideas from each staff member at Yak Outlaws.

Seth Dalton – Offshore Correspondent

Earlier this year Egret Baits released their Vudu Mullet ($6.99 and $7.99) in a 3.5in and 4.5in. Vudu Mullet is one of the most realistic swimming soft plastic baits to hit the market. They are made of the same material as the soles of tennis shoes along with a woven mesh that adds to the durability of the bait. In other words, they are tough as hell and make a great holiday stocking stuffer!

Egret Vudu Mullet

Egret Vudu Mullet


A mid priced item I would recommend for this holiday season is the Engel Bait Cooler.  This isn’t your typical bait bucket with a bubbler. This bubble box has 2 speeds and uses 2 D cell batteries, but what makes this bubbler unique is that you can plug it into the power adapter in your vehicle. This gives you the ability to pick up bait before work or the night before and not have to worry about the batteries lasting all night. The cooler is insulated to keep your bait cool. It also has a foam seal around the lid along with 2 latches to help regulate temperature along with preventing water spillage. Engel also makes a few accessories for this bait cooler. They have a bait strainer and a cushion.  They come 13qt ($74.99), 19qt ($79.99) and 30qt ($84.99) sizes.

Engel Bait Cooler

Engel Bait Cooler


For a more expensive gift this year I recommend Angler’s Fish-N-Mate’s Kayak Carrier ($199.99). This kayak cart plugs into your scuppers and uses the balloon wheels that work in sand. After purchasing my Hobie Pro Angler 14, I realized I needed a set of wheels that could hold up the PA’s weight along with not binding up or dragging in the sand. Angler’s Kayak Carrier does both of these, but what sets them apart is the fact you can adjust them to fit whatever kayak you have. They come with 2 steel rods and by loosing a wing nut on each side, the scupper rods can be set to fit your yak. I have personally used these on Hobies, Natives, Ocean Kayaks, Old Towns, and Vibes with no issues. I do recommend adding a tennis ball to the base of each scupper rod to add height plus cushion for your yak.

Angler's Fish-N-Mate Kayak Carrier

Angler’s Fish-N-Mate Kayak Carrier


Nathan McIntosh – Texas Correspondent

Something very inexpensive, but extremely important to have while kayak fishing would be a seal tight waterproof storage box. These range in various sizes and prices from $6 to $20. I keep my wallet, keys, cell phone, and anything you can’t afford to lose if flipping your kayak or can’t get wet. I like the Plano 3440-10 Extra Small Waterproof StowAway.  This box stores all your valuables and makes for a great holiday stocking stuffer with a great price (around $7)! It’s a must have while being on the water for any kayak angler.



Plano dry storage box

Another great accessory for kayak fishing is the Yak-Gear Mud Stick Anchor ($49.95). While fishing shallow water chasing fish, its nice to be able to throw out my Mud Stick to anchor my yak while working different areas. Also the Mud Stick has a built in ring to clip to your leash or anchor trolley system. Using the Mud Stick has helped anchor me in my kayak fishing endeavors tremendously.


Yak Gear Mud Stick


If your looking to spend a little extra coin this holiday, the Yak Attack BlackPak ($125.00) is pretty sweet! Not really a need or must have but certainly helps with being organized. The BlackPak comes with 3 rod holders, carrying handles, drain plugs and a shock rigging cord.  Having the BlackPak strapped down behind you on the back of your yak, is great for holding rods, nets, tackle, measure stick, ect. Instead of having your gear spread out your yak the BlackPak helps with storage and takes up minimal space.


YakAttack BlackPak

Brent Louviere – Texas Correspondent

If your looking for a last minute holiday stocking stuffer idea, check out what our good friend Joe has to offer at Chickenboy Lures!  And with $3.95 shipping to anywhere in the U.S., you’re sure not to “break the bank” trying to receive your package in time.  With their custom split-tail design, these soft plastics are irresistible to all species!  A personal favorite of mine, the Salt & Pepper Psycho Chicken Shad (shown below) is available in a qty. of 6 for $4.99.

Psycho Chicken Shad-Salt & Pepper Shaker, 3.5 inches, qty 6

Salt & Pepper Psycho Chicken Shad


As we all know, being able to enjoy our time on the water SAFELY is the number one goal each and every time out.  Check out the VISIPole II from YakAttack, priced at $75.00. It arrives fixed on 3/8″ fiberglass tube and comes complete with 360-degree light and high-vis orange flag for full visibility on those early morning launches or late night excursions. It’s a great holiday gift idea and promotes safety on the water at the same time!

YakAttack VISIPole II


If you really want to be the person that lights up someone’s Holiday, check out the Extreme Kayak Lighting Kit from SuperNova Fishing Lights! This kit comes complete with 8 LED lighting strips (2ea-20″, 2-10″, 4-4″).  These LED lighting strips are the ONLY strips available that are fully submersible and are sure to provide high visibility while on the water.  The SuperNova kit is available in either all blue or all green color and is priced at $229.00.

SuperNova Fishing Lights


Kevin Romano – Northeast Correspondent


Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for any kayak angler? What better way then to give them a way to capture all the great fishing moments with a Ricoh WP-20 digital camera. Waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, and freezeproof. With 14 megapixels it will make all picture feel like you’re right there beside them and for a very reasonable price of $159.99.


Ricoh WP-20 digital camera

When it comes to fisherman there is never enough storage space but when it comes to kayak fisherman you also need something that can withstand the constant splashing, Plano waterproof storage boxes are the best. With 3 sizes available giving the option to store a little or a lot you can’t go wrong. With the adjustable dividers and endless storage options, these will make a great gift for any kayak angler on Christmas morning. Prices ranging from $4.96- $9.96.


Plano waterproof storage boxes

Having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift to get you kayak angler for Christmas? How about a gift certificate to allow him to choose what he really needs or has been wanting. The Kayak Fishing Store has everything any kayak angler could want from the simple rod leash to fully rigged kayaks. With over 30 years in the industry and a country wide online store they have it all. Give a little or give a lot.


The Kayak Fishing Store

John Champion – Freshwater Correspondent

Christmas wish lists aren’t just for kids when you’re a kayak angler. We all have our lists for items we “need”. So after much debate because my list is pretty long I think I have narrowed it down to three. This will have be broke down in price range as well, basically one from high end, middle and low.

I will start with my low end budget friendly item. I would never buy myself a lure that cost $50 despite how well it works. I have found myself down to my boxers in 30 degree weather to retrieve a $5 lure that produced numbers of quality fish, so I can only imagine what I would do for a lure that cost $50 bucks. However if someone was to buy me this lure then that would be a different story. I am talking about the Mike Bucca Bull Shad swim baits. These baits flat out produce fish and big fish at that. These baits are sold in sizes ranging from 5-8 inches. The 7-8 inch swimbaits are designed to catch trophy bass, these are not for going out and catching numbers. The 6 inch is a great all around bait that will land some lunkers as well as catch good numbers of fish.


Mike Bucca Bull Shad swim baits

My middle price range Item would be a Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus paddle from Hook1 Kayak Fishing Gear. This paddle is a great addition to any kayak angler’s arsenal. When you spend hours on end traversing various waters chasing trophies you need a paddle that’s going to be able to make it as easy as possible and keep your fatigue down. That’s what this paddle will do for you. It’s lightweight, durable, and really cuts through the water making that all day paddle a little easier on you.


Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus

My high end item would be a Power Pole Micro anchoring system. I fish a lot of rivers and this item would allow me to focus on boat position and the ability to fish those holes I normally can’t. Everyone that I have talked to that has one of these has been extremely happy with how they perform. I think this would be a great addition to any shallow water kayak angler’s boat. Power Pole has released 8 and 10 foot poles to allow more flexibility from their systems. The 8 foot pole would work in most river conditions and the 10 foot allows you to anchor in the lake in shallow conditions for flipping docks, working jigs on a point, flipping brush and more.


Power Pole Micro anchoring system

Buddy Freeman – Lifestyle Correspondent

Kayak anglers can be a fickle bunch, but at the same time we’re relatively easy to please.  We like new toys, and having quality toys under the tree during the holidays is always a welcome site. For me, I prefer to fish the flats of Florida’s Big Bend area and that means chasing speckled sea trout and redfish.  One of the best looking shrimp lures I’ve ever found is the TPE Manic shrimp from Savage Gear. These lures are made from scans of actual shrimp and the action on them is amazing.  They come available in 3 different sizes: 2.5″, 4″, & 5″ and range in price from $5.99 – $6.99.  These lures are perfect for stalking fish on the flats and make an amazing stocking stuffer for your holiday yak angler.


TPE Manic shrimp from Savage Gear

A mid range item that is a must for any kayak angler is the Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company. It’s happened to us all at one time or another.  We’re hooked up with a nice fish and need to maneuver ourselves around a dock or oyster bed.  We’ve got our doubled over rod in one hand and fight with our paddle in the other.  It’s cumbersome at best.  The Assault Hand Paddle eliminates that frustration and at a price of only $29.95, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a fixture on your kayak.


Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company

A high priced item for my holiday gift guide, but well worth the price is the Manta Ray Carbon paddle from Aqua Bound. This paddle has all the features of a high end carbon fiber paddle with one major exception: the price!  With sizes from 210cm to 250cm, there’s definitely a Manta Ray Carbon paddle to fit your specific needs.  The blade gives the angler more horsepower for those long paddles, is lightweight yet stiff enough to handle any situation.  The retail cost of the Manta Ray Carbon paddle is a very moderately priced $189.95 making it an affordable yet practical holiday gift for your kayak angler.


Manta Ray Carbon paddle from Aqua Bound

Tony Hart – Editor in Chief

Choosing a holiday gift for your special kayak angler can be a daunting task.  One of the most important items an angler will always need while out on the water is a great pair of pliers.  I personally use the T-Reign ProSheath Fishing Pliers.  There’s so much to love about these pliers with the belt clip and loops to ensure you don’t lose them off your person.  The pliers are aluminum 7.5″ pliers with a braid/line cutter on the side and have a point to help with those pesky 0-rings when changing hooks on your favorite lure.  What sets the PrSheath Fishing Pliers apart is the 36″ Kevlar retractable leash to always ensure you won’t lose the pliers.  The ProSheath Fishing Pliers are moderately priced at $79.95 and make a great holiday stocking stuffer.


T-Reign ProSheath Fishing Pliers

One item all kayak anglers must always have with them while out on the water is a PFD (Personal Floatation Device).  While some PFD’s can be cumbersome and very large, the Helios PFD from MTI Adventurewear is one of the most comfortable PFD’s on the market. The MTI Helios is perfect for the kayak angler who doesn’t want a bulky PFD. The Helios is lightweight and cool, has reflective trim to increase visibility on the water, and has an indicator window to ensure readiness of the PFD. Moderately priced at $130, the MTI Helios is the perfect holiday gift to help your kayak angler always stay safe out on the water.


Helios PFD from MTI Adventurewear


One thing that an angler can carry on their yak which will always help to ensure of never losing that trophy fish again is a great quality landing net.  The S2 Slider from EGO Nets is just that net.  The S2 Slider is compact, but can extend with the push of a simple button to help extend to snag that trophy fish.  It offers an innovative grip design which feels great in your hand, a non-tangle rubber mesh bag, and a great hoop size to dip those monstrous fish out of the water.  What separates it even more is the ability to float, and a great price at $89.99!


EGO S2 Slider

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide will come in handy while out shopping for your favorite kayak angler.  We also hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!

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