Fishin’ in the Rain…

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DSCF0963I’d planned a fishing trip with my best friend (Buddy) and my mother-in-law (Karen) for this past Saturday.  I’d watched the weather all week and was assured it was going to be a great day, and it was the day prior to a front & storm rolling in.  I just knew the fishing was going to be great.  Even as Friday evening approached, I was messaged by both asking if the weather would be conducive to getting out on the water and I assured them both that we were going to be okay.  Now, it’s an hour or so commute for Buddy, so he texted me once again around 7am that morning if the weather would be okay for us.  I quickly checked the forecast once again, and assured him we’d be good to go.  The forecast called for temps in the mid to high 60′s, with winds out of the NE at 8-12mph, and only a 30% chance of rain.  Even as I loaded up the gear in my truck that morning, it looked pretty good.  Well, as the title dictates, it wasn’t truly the case.  We headed over to our favorite bait shop, Browns Creek Fish Camp, and grabbed some mud minnows to get after some redfish.  As we approach the kayak launch, we notice the winds are a tad stronger than 8-12, but we hit the water anyway.  At this point, I’d like to diverge for a moment and ask what in the world are the qualifications to being a weather forecaster???  I mean, seriously!  We started paddling out and we’re abruptly paddling into a headwind easily pushing 20-25mph!  We get to our first spot, and Buddy lands a trout, and that’s when the weather really went to hell on us.  DSCF0965Luckily, we’d all had the sense to pack our rain gear, because we spent the better part of the rest of the day in it… fishin’ in the rain.  Of course, there’s the old saying that “the fish are already wet” and “it’s not raining underwater”, so we persevered.  At one point, the redfish bite got ridiculous.  Buddy and I were catching redfish after redfish as soon as our bait hit the water.  While they were all in the 15-16″ range, they were all multi-spotted, which made for some fun.  Buddy also landed a nice weakfish, and a slot trout to add to the stringer as well.  Once the bite slowed down, we decided to push a little further back to a spot that I’ve recently had some amazing redfish battles.  Karen was still sporting the skunk, so I wanted to try to get her on a fish before the day ended.  I set both Karen and Buddy up in some prime redfish ambush spots and left them to scout a little bit.  It wasn’t very long and I hear Buddy yelling with excitement.  I paddle over and immediately see his rod doubled over, with the same expression I’d just seen on my kids’ faces on Christmas morning.  Pure excitement!  I get over the get some pics and get a glimpse of this fish, and the mere girth had me believing he’d just hooked into a 30+ inch redfish.  He finally wears the fish down and lands her, and she measures 28.5″ on the fish ruler.  We were all surprised, but it was still a quality fish.  The bite started to wane a little so we started heading back in.  We made one quick stop for a couple of casts before heading in, and I landed a slot trout to go with the other one we had on the stringer already.  We paddled back in, all knowing we’d earned every fish that was landed that day.  Total tally for the day was well over a dozen redfish, and 3 trout, 2 of which were brought home.  Great day spent on the water even with the inclement weather, with some great laughs.  What more can you ask for when on the water in your kayak.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love reading your stuff! Felt like I was there!

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