A Great Day

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I’d been ready for a good day of chasing redfish on the flats of Corpus Christi, so I loaded up my truck with my Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5 kayak and all my fishing gear and hit the road at 4am.

I got to the fishing hole about 5am and noticed the tide was way out.  A little more than normal along with a full moon. In all honesty, I wasn’t really expecting it to be a great fishing trip, I just wanted to hit the water. I launched my Slayer 14.5, and as I made my way through to the opening of the lake I heard fish busting bait left and right. Perhaps I was off in my assessment that this wasn’t going to be a great day.  As I made my way down the bank at 5:30am, I saw a redfish with his back out of the water in the moon light. If you’ve never witnessed a tailing redfish or even a redfish with his back out of the water, it is definitely an adrenaline inducing experience. I casted a lure to the redfish and he nailed it. Fish On! He ended up being 19 inches and in the great state of Texas, legal slot size is 20-28 inches. Back into the drink she went to grow a little more.


stud Texas redfish

After I released the under slot redfish, I made my way down the bank some more. By this time the sun had came up pretty good.  As I’m cruising around, I kept hearing fish busting bait.  I then noticed a good one up on the bank. I started paddling towards the redfish and my kayak just stops, I was sitting in ankle deep water. So, I got out of the kayak and I made my way over to the redfish. He was in a back pocket all alone. I made a cast about 6 inches in front of his face and he just blew up on my lure! It wasn’t much of a fight, as I just had to drag him across the mud. I got him over to the kayak and he was a solid 25 inches. I grabbed my Stinky Pants Fishing stringer and stuck him on it.


a limit of Texas redfish

After that, not much was going on that side of the lake so I made my way to the south end. By this time the sun was up a little higher and all I saw were redfish! Backs were out of the water all over the place! I came up to a pair and sight casted the lead fish, fish on! This one ended up being another solid 25 inch redfish. So now that I have a pair of redfish on my Stinky Pants Fishing stringer, I made my way down the bank a little further. I saw one redfish all by himself, and I ended up making three casts to him before he hit it. I got this redfish to the kayak and yet again, another solid 25 inch redfish. Now that I had my limit of redfish, I decided I wanted to sight cast some more. I ended up sight casting a total of 14 redfish all 24-25 inches long with a nice 20 inch black drum. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had, and it turned out to be great day on the water after all!


A great day on the water

Jason Tyler is a Corpus Christi, Texas native grew up fishing the waters in and around south Texas.  Jason is also a veteran of the Navy who served in Iraq.

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