Gift Guide for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and dads everywhere are secretly hoping to get some great new fishing gear instead of the usual same old boring tie for a gift. Let’s face it, we’re guys and guys like new toys… plain and simple. We don’t need a new tie (we hate wearing them anyway). We want new fishing gear, new toys to play with in our favorite fishing hole. Let’s make all dads rejoice with these great gift ideas to help land that next trophy fish.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Most guys are the same, we’re easy to choose a gift for. If you’re anything like me, I want new lures, a new fishing rod and/or reel, or a new fishing shirt. Notice the pattern here? It doesn’t have to be fancy, just as long as it has something to do with fishing. We’ll offer a couple of different ideas in a few different categories to help you choose that perfect gift for your beloved dad.

Fishing Rods

You can never go wrong with a new fishing rod right? Right! Dad will be jumping for joy and ready to run out the door to test it out on Father’s Day! Here’s a couple of different options and price points that will fit everyone’s needs.

St Croix Avid Inshore

gift guide

I recently picked up the new Avid Inshore from St Croix, and landed a quality upper slot redfish on it my first time out. Everyone knows the quality that comes with owning and using St. Croix rods, and the new Avid Inshore continues that tradition. With a variety of lengths and actions and updated with new components, you’re going to find the right rod for dad. Prices on the Avid Inshore range from $230 – $290.

Okuma Shadow Stalker Gulf Coast Series

Gift Guide

I’ve been using the Shadow Stalker rods from Okuma Fishing personally for over a year now, and they’re one of my most favorite rods to use. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better rod at the price point of the Shadow Stalker rods. Lightweight, sensitive, but more than enough backbone to handle just about anything you can throw at it. The Shadow Stalker rods feature a split grip, lightweight, sensitive 24-Ton carbon graphite rod blank, giving the rod more balance. With the price range of $80 – $120, these rods are a great gift at an even better price.


Fishing Lures

There’s not a man on this Earth who wouldn’t love a gift basket. No, I’m not talking about it being filled with candies or fruits, or any of that other nonsense… I’m talking chock full of some great new fishing lures! We’re all guilty of this, we simply love our fishing lures. Saltwater or freshwater, it doesn’t matter, we love our fishing lures. Doesn’t matter if our garage is overflowing already, don’t let us see a new lure on sale! Here’s some great fishing lures for your favorite angler.

Savage Gear

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Savage Gear simply makes some of the best lures on the market today. With lifelike looking frogs, shrimp, eels, Savage Gear has you covered. For the freshwater angler, check out the 3D Floating Skirt Frog. With a hollow body and double frog hook, you’re favorite angler will have more hookups on those monster bass they’ve been chasing. With 4 different colors and 2 sizes, with a price range of $7.99 to $8.99, you’re sure to put a smile on pop’s face with this new bucketmouth catcher!

Bass Assassin



Bass Assassin has been around for 28 years, but that should come as no surprise. The lures from Bass Assassin simply catch fish and tons of them. With several styles and colors to choose from, you’ll definitely find what you need to land that next trophy trout or redfish out on the flats. The Die Dapper series from Bass Assassin is a perfect lure for chasing redfish, speckled trout, and flounder on the flats. Of course, my personal favorite color is “Chicken on a Chain” and the fish love them down here in Florida! The Die Dapper comes in 2 sizes: 3.5″ & 5″ and typically only cost less than $5 for a package.

Egret Baits


Many folks rave about the Vudu Shrimp from Egret Baits. Anyone who I’ve asked about them raves on and on about how great they work in the water. Many call it their favorite shrimp lure catching everything from redfish to flounder to trout to snook. They’re an extremely durable lure with lifelike imitation when fished. Each pack contains 2 Vudu shrimp with sizes from 2″ to 4″ priced $7-$8 per pack. Egret also just released a slew of new colors so definitely add those to dad’s gift pack!

Waterproof Digital Cameras

Every angler needs a quality camera, especially one that’s waterproof! Hey, if there’s no pictures then it didn’t happen when bragging to your buddies that you caught the big one, right? Here’s a couple of options based on consumer reviews for the perfect digital gift for dad.



The Nikon COOLPIX AW130 was the top rated waterproof digital camera of 2015. It’s waterproof to 100 feet deep, freeze-proof to 14° F, shockproof from falls up to 7 feet, so that means even the clumsiest kayak angler can use it. It even has built in Wi-Fi and GPS with Points of Interest so you can map your spots. With 16MP, 5x Zoom, and 1080p with full HD video capabilities, the Nikon Coolpix AW130 is the ultimate waterproof  digital camera. It does come with a hefty price tag at $350.

Fujifilm FinePix XP80


I’ve used the FinePix cameras for some time and they are durable. I mean they are durable! They take pretty good pictures for hero shots or close by and the price isn’t too shabby either. The FinePix is equipped with 16MP, 5X zoom, and now offers Wi-Fi remote shooting, interval timing shooting, and has 11 advanced filters. For about $150, you can give dad a great gift that he can use for years and years to capture those memorable moments on the water.

Other Great Gift Ideas…


MTI Adventurewear


We all know that it’s one of, if not THE, most important piece of gear when kayak fishing. A good PFD is one that’s worn on the water, not stowed away in a hatch or behind you. The argument of “it’s too comfortable” should never be used in the same sentence as PFD. Spend the money and get yourself a good PFD. I personally wear the Helios 2.0 from MTI Adventurewear. It’s lightweight and very comfortable for those short or all day type fishing trip. At around only $140, it’s still very reasonable. MTI has the Helios 2.0 in both men’s and lady angler styles. Giving Dad a new PFD is a perfect gift and truly shows you care.

Fishing Apparel

Columbia Sportswear

Everybody knows about Columbia Sportswear who fishes or spends any time out on the water. There’s something to be said about looking good on the water, keeping cool on the water, and protecting yourself from the sun while out on the water. Columbia’s Omni Freeze Zero line does all of that and then some!

PFG Solar Cast ZERO™ Long Sleeve Shirt


The Solar Cast Zero shirt is a high-tech fishing shirt that features a Velcro rod holder to help you swap bait and tackle. It’ll also help you stay cool, clean your sunglasses and protect you from the sun. Not to mention, it’s a pretty sweet looking shirt that any dad would be excited to wear out on the water or casually. The cool thing about Omni Freeze Zero is that is cools once activated by sweating, thus cooling you off on those hot summer days. It’s a more expensive gift with a MSRP of $110, but well worth it on those hot scorching summer days catching your favorite fish species.

Megavent™ Fly PFG Shoe


The Drainmaker line from Columbia is by far my favorite shoes to wear in my kayak. It’s basically an athletic shoe that was made for the water. These kicks are comfortable, keep your feet protected, and let the water drain out super easy. No more flip flops or Crocs allowed on the water. Do dad a favor and upgrade him to something more fitting for the water. MSRP $100.

Freezer Zero™ Neck Gaiter


I’ve worn just about every brand of neck gaiter or buff that’s out there, and I keep coming back to the Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter from Columbia. It is by far the most comfortable gaiter I’ve ever worn on the water, hands down. Super soft so it doesn’t irritate you, cooling on those hot summer days, and is a lifesaver when the bugs are out in full force.

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