Fortis Braided Fishing Line

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Fortis, the latest design release from KastKing and Eposeidon, is a new braided fishing line. While Eposeidon and KastKing revealed some new products at the recent ICAST show, they decided to hold back on a few items to keep our interest piqued. With Fortis now unveiled, we’d say that they succeeded.

 Fortis Dynamic New Braided Fishing Line

Garden City, Long Island, NY –  Eposeidon, Inc., ( the parent company of KastKing, announces the introduction of a new product, KastKing® Fortis Braided Fishing Line with an improved formula that is stronger, smoother, and made with a special process that greatly reduces or eliminates color fade.


Fortis has more qualities than KastKing’s tremendously successful SuperPower braid line that includes fade resistance that is superior to other brands. Fortis will initially come in tensile strengths from 10 lb to 80 lbs. and three spool sizes: 165, 350, 600 yards in four colors:  Brown, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
Fortis, derived from the Latin word for strong, is made with MultiTuf, a proprietary blend of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber, which is used in manufacturing bullet proof vests and protective safety equipment.  It is highly abrasion resistant.
“SuperPower braid line has done exceptionally well for us.  It has had strong sales figures in 150 countries since its introduction in 2013,” says Tom Gahan marketing director at Eposeidon.  “It is a proven product and will stay in the KastKing® product lineup. Fortis braided fishing line is an improvement on an already great product with upgraded color fade resistance and properties that increase strength.  It is also wrapped tighter for a thinner, smoother profile.” Fortis will initially be available in four colors; Blue, Yellow, Brown and Green and will be marketed under the names Festiva Blue, Yellow Submarine, Backwater Brown, and Moss Green.
“Our product development team worked hard to produce this great new line and make it available to anglers at an affordable price.  It’s about the same price as our SuperPower braid. For those who like KastKing® SuperPower braid line they will love the new even better quality Fortis four strand braided line!” says Tate Cui CEO at Eposeidon.
KastKing® Fortis Braided Line will be marketed in attractive packaging at an affordable price.  165 yards MSRP $10.98, 350 yards MSRP $19.98, 600 yards MSRP $29.98. It is available through and other exclusive on-line retailers at a discounted price.
About Eposeidon:
Eposeidon (  Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc.)  brings a fresh, innovative approach to anglers by offering quality fishing tackle products at the best prices and no cost, or low cost shipping. Eposeidon’s goal is to exceed expectations through outstanding customer service and superior product value to their customers. Eposeidon is continually expanding its product lines, which include KastKing® (an ICAST Award Winning Manufacturer) fishing line, fishing reels, fishing rods, and fishing accessories, MadBite fishing lures and tools, electronics, and other fishing tackle products, to meet individual fishing equipment needs. Eposeidon is headquartered in Garden City, NY, USA and sells fishing tackle products globally in more than 150 countries.
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