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KastKing has been pretty busy already in 2018 with the introduction of a new spinning reel, and now introduces new fly fishing tackle products. With new fishing lines and tapered leaders, KastKing looks to make a splash in the fly fishing tackle products industry.

KastKing Emerges In the Fly Fishing Tackle Market 
with Numerous New Fly Fishing Products
KastKing ( a division of Eposeidon, Inc., launches a completely new series of innovative and affordable fly fishing products at the Denver Fly Fishing Show this week (booths FC1, FC2, FC3). Among the 2018 KastKing releases are a series of five new fly fishing lines including KastKing Exergy Floating Fly Line, KastKing Propel Floating Fly Line, KastKing BackKast Fly Line Backing, KastKing Paramount Tippet, and KastKing Rubicon Nylon Tapered Leaders.
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KastKing also unveils their unique biodegradable BioSpool fishing line spool for this occasion.  BioSpools are made with wheat straw waste products and will replace the brand’s traditional hard plastic spools. KastKing BioSpool is designed to completely break down in soil within eight to twelve months to reduce landfill bulk and help the environment in locations that do not offer plastic recycling programs.
“It was only four years ago that we broke into the fishing tackle industry in a big way with our KastKing SuperPower Braid Line. Since then KastKing has introduced other high quality, yet affordable, fishing line products in braided fishing line, monofilament, copolymer, and fluorocarbon lines. They exceeded our sales expectations and customer satisfaction” says, Tom Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer at KastKing. “The addition of our biodegradable KastKing BioSpols to our fly lines, and eventually to all of our fishing lines, supports our vision statement.  BioSpool completely revolutionizes the world view of fishing products and environmental sensibility.”

KastKing Exergy Floating Fly Line is a high end fly line without the usual high cost. Exergy is priced to sell at one-half to one-third the price of other major high quality brands. KastKing Exergy Fly lines were developed to improve the fly fishing experience by combining today’s newest technology with years of on the water experience. The results are supple, memory free, and super slick fly lines that deliver all day performance with easy casting characteristics. Exergy fly lines are designed ½ line weight heavier to improve turnover and increase distance. Every KastKing Exergy fly line has two welded micro loops making them easy to attach leaders and backing and slip effortlessly through line guides. The tip of each Exergy Line is laser printed with the line weight so the angler never has to guess which line you are loading.

KastKing Exergy fly-line has a KastKote (TM) silk finish for smooth delivery and is spooled on BioSpool, KastKing’s innovative bio-degradable spool. KastKing Exergy is available in five colors: salmon, yellow, sky, evergreen, and aqua on 100 foot spools in line weights 3,4,5,6,7,8. The retail selling price is $29.98.
“I grew up in Bozeman, Montana fishing some of the most famous trout waters in the world like the Madison, the Gallatin, and certainly the Yellowstone,” says Al Noraker, Director of Product Development at KastKing. “I learned the value early on of using quality fly lines, so when I set out to develop our Exergy series, I had very specific requirements for these lines. They had to float high in the water for perfect presentations, and had to have a tough yet slick surface for exceptionally long casts. They also needed the perfect combination of belly length and taper to enhance line turnover and delivery delicate presentations. I demanded that they have Micro Loops on both ends to make attaching leaders and backing easy while still providing a thin, low profile loop connection so they would slip easily through guides. As a final point, I wanted the line weight laser printed on the tip end of the line so I was never in doubt about the line I was using. Every one of these features has been built into the Exergy series and we were able to keep the price point under $30, simply  the best value in fly-fishing today!”

KastKing Propel Floating Fly Line KastKing Propel Floating Fly Line is a value priced fly line with the features of many higher end performance lines. They have the same high-floating, memory free, and smooth surface characteristics. Propel fly lines are designed ½ line weight heavier to improve turnover and increase casting distance. KastKing Propel features a welded front loop to make leader connection simple and quick. Each KastKing Propel fly line comes connected to braided backing eliminating the need to buy backing separately or connect it before winding it on the reel.

KastKing Propel affordable fly line includes braided KastKing BackKast backing already attached to the line with a braided, memory free core that improves performance. KastKing Propel Fly Lines offer an all-around fly line for dry fly presentations, subsurface nymphs using indicators, or streamer presentation. Propel comes in three colors, yellow, salmon, and evergreen in 90 foot lengths spooled on KastKing’s exclusive environmentally friendly biodegradable BioSpool. The retail selling price is $21.98.
Noraker continues, “To many, this sport is both a mystery and sometimes appears too difficult. So when I developed the Propel series of fly lines, my goal was to reach the angler new to fly-fishing and deliver a quality product that would make their first experience easy and fun without all of the confusion. The goals were simple; deliver a high quality, floating fly line that performed like lines twice the price, design a line that they would not quickly grow out of as their skill and experience level increases, eliminate the hassle of buying and attaching backing to their line as they spool their reels because we’ve already included the backing and attached it to the line, and to include an easy to use welded loop at the front end so that it’s easy to attach leaders with a simple loop to loop connection.
“The Propel series is a line successfully meets each of those goals.  It is a fly line for every angler, at any skill level that will deliver day after day performance at a price that cannot be touched.”
KastKing BackKast Fly Line Backing for freshwater or saltwater use.  KastKing BackKast Fly Line Backing lines are made with the highest quality materials available. KastKing BackKast is ultra-high strength PE fiber, has strong knot strength, low memory, and zero stretch, and a smaller diameter compared to other brands allowing the fly-angler to spool more fishing line on their reel. Available in 100 yard and 200 yard spools in 20 LB and 30 LB test, with a retail selling price of $9.98 and $16.98 respectively.  Colors include chartreuse, white, and two models have two-color fibers braided together chartreuse /black and orange/ black.
KastKing Paramount Multiplex Tippet material is manufactured using the newest technology to ensure consistency, strength, and the perfect diameter for its intended use. This superior quality tippet material has exceptional knot and breaking strength. They are designed for the ultimate performance including line turnover, delicate presentations, and powerful hook sets. Paramount tippet material comes in 30 yard spools in sizes 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, with a retail selling price of $9.98.  An assortment pack that includes 1-2X,1-3X, 1-4X, 1-5X, 1-6X  has a retail selling price of $12.98.
KastKing Rubicon Nylon Tapered Leaders are manufactured using the newest technology to ensure that every leader is consistent, strong and the perfect diameter for its intended use. These high quality leaders have exceptional knot and breaking strength. Pre-tied loop for easy connection to fly line with a  long butt section tapers perfectly to a strong but supple tippet. They are designed for the ultimate performance including line turnover, delicate presentations, and powerful hook sets. 5 Piece pack for 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x 2 Length options: 7 1/2′ and 9′  lengths in sizes   0X, 1X, 2x, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X  with a retail selling price of $9.98. Six-Pack Assortment (2-3X,2-4X,2-5X) has a retail selling price of $14.98.
KastKing will be releasing other fly fishing products including sinking fly in the upcoming months.
About KastKing:
KastKing brings a fresh, innovative approach to anglers by offering quality fishing tackle products at the best prices through Affordable Innovation. KastKing’s goal is to exceed expectations through outstanding customer service and superior product value to their customers. KastKing is continually expanding its product lines, which include KastKing (an ICAST Award Winning Manufacturer) fishing line, fishing reels (baitcasting reels, spinning reels, and conventional reels), fishing rods, fishing accessories, fly-fishing rods, fly reels and other fly fishing gear, to meet individual fishing equipment needs from amateur to bass pro for freshwater bass fishing, trout fishing, saltwater surf fishing, ice fishing, for virtually every fish species. KastKing is headquartered in Garden City, Long Island NY, USA and sells fishing tackle products globally in more than 150 countries.
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